Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - T6 Mat Farm Guide


This guide includes farms for:

  • Vicious Fangs
  • Ancient Bone
  • Vials of Powerful Blood
  • Elaborate Totems
  • Powerful Venom Sacs
  • Vicious Claws
  • Piles of Crystalline Dust

Non T6 Mats included:

  • Corrupted Lodestone
  • Charged Lodestone
  • Onyx Lodestone

Some things to note:

  • If the farming zone is full of bots, report them and try guesting on another server! I personally suggest Sanctum of Rall or Tarnished Coast
  • MF is highly recommended if you want some more rare drops. I personally use Spicy Pumpkin Cookies. But any MF Consumable is good.
  • These are developed to be "semi afkable" so you don't really have to worry about dieing unless you really aren't paying attention.

Vicious Fang/Vials of Powerful Blood Farm

Here you will be killing Reef Skelk. Basically run from the Cove, north up the beach and back down, very simple.

Recommended Skills:

  • Speed Buffs (Signet of the Hunt, Signet of Shadow, Rampage as One, for example)
  • AoE Damage Skills (Any Ele, dagger storm, whirling axe)
There is no Veterans on this run. Average in 45 minutes was about 5-10 of each Vicious Fangs and Vials of Powerful Blood.

Powerful Venom Sac Farm

Here you are killing Reef Riders (and young Reef Riders). We basically run around in a circle, klling all the falls in our path.

Recommended Skills:

  • Speed Buffs (Same as above)
There is 2 Veterans for this. Fights are straight forward. Watch for confusion and a reflection dome that they create. It will reflect all projectiles.

Vicious Claw and Ancient Bone Farms

Here you are killing the Ice Brood Colossusand Corrupted Quaggan.

Recommended Skills:

  • Speed Buffs (Same as above)
  • The ability to dodge

Other noted drops:

  • Corrupted Lodestone
There are no veterans along this path.

Elaborate Totem/Ancient Bone Farm

Here you are killing the Grawl.

Recommended Skills:

  • Speed Buffs
  • AoE Damage
  • AoE Pulls (Binding Chains, for example)
There are no veterans along this path. Tagging the "friendly rabbits" can also be benefical. They can drop loot. (For instance, when first developing this run, I tagged a rabbit, got an Unidentified Dye that turned into a Celestial. Good times)

Piles of Crystalline Dust/Charged Lodestone + Other Lodestones

(First picture) Here you are primarily killing the Sparks and Air Elementals + Vets. There is also Ice Elementals (Corrupted Lodestones) and Embers (Onyx Lodestone or Molten?) within the ring. There are multiple Veterans. You will need to open the Temple of Lyssa for this one.
(Second Picture) Here you are killing ONLY Sparks and Air Elementals. There is four total veterans. An event will spawn where a champion risen knight will appear. You will need to open the Temple of Dwayna for this one.
Note! The drop rate on the Charged Lodestone is low (as compared to say, the Corrupted Lodestones). The drop rate on the Crystalline dust is kind-of low, but factoring in the amount of incandescent dust that drops, the value of charged lodestones and the value of the Crystalline dust, we figure it's still a decent farm. Shocking Crystals are dropped often, and add up quickly, which can be sold for a good chunk of silver after every 30-40 minutes.

Recommended Skills:

  • Speed Buffs (Same as above)

Other notes:

  • I have not yet found a good place to farm Armored Scales outside of the WvWvW Borderlands Central Lake (the Krait there)
  • Don't forget, you can promote T5 materials to T6 ones!
  • Bring a friend! Having someone else to chat with/run with makes things less dull!
  • Listen to music!

Guide by: nightsfrost

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