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Guild Wars 2 - Fractals of the Mists BEGINNER Guide 2018 by Kyosika

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GW2 | FULL WEAVER GUIDE | WvW-PvP-PvE | Sword + Staff | Basic + Advanced by Cellofrag

MIX: GW2 | FULL WEAVER GUIDE | WvW-PvP-PvE | Sword + St...: Guild Wars 2 - FULL WEAVER GUIDE 2018 | WvW-PvP-PvE | Sword + Staff | For Beginners & Advanced players | By Cellofrag ► Table of Con...

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Guild Wars 2 - SC’s Chronomancer “Guide”/ What you should know for raids! by Axias


Hello, I'm Axias and I’m from Snow Crows. I’ve been playing “Chronomancer” since HoT came out. It’s my favorite profession and practiced it a lot in raids to get better at it. So with the help of few friends I started making a “guide” about a month ago. So this guide was made for players who are not completely sure about certain things, want to know more about Chronomancer in raids or maybe you just want to learn! (even then, there isn’t everything). I might be repeating myself, so I'm sorry for that. I tried my best to make the post as readable as possible (my first reddit post).


Continuum Split (F5) : Continuum Split Shift
SoI: Signet of Inspiration
SoI T: Illusionary Inspiration (trait)
WoE: Well of Eternity
WoA: Well of Action
WoR: Well of Recall
ToT: Tides of Time (Shield skill 5)
Avenger: Phantasmal Avenger (Shield skill 4)
Warden: Phantasmal Warden (Focus skill 5)
Swordsman: Phantasmal Swordsman (Sword skill 5)
Warlock: Phantasmal Warlock (Staff skill 3)


C-Squad (4-2-4) : 2 Berserkers, 2 Druids, 1 Revenant, 1 Chronomancer, 4 DPS Professions
F-Squad (7-2-1) : 1 Berserker, 6 DPS Professions, 1 Revenant, 1 Chronomancer, 1 Druid
Mirror Comp (5-5) : 2 Berserkers, 2 Druids, 2 Chronomancer, 4 DPS Professions
Commander Chronomancer (5-1-4) : 2 Berserkers, 2 Druids, 1 Commander Chronomancer, 5 DPS Professions

  • Perma Prot from Revenant
  • More CC since Revenant
  • Chronomancer and Revenant will get Banners, Might, etc.
  • More reliable fury access due to revenant
  • Less DPS than 5-1-4 since you have 1 DPS Profession less
  • Less Alacrity uptime than 5-5 since you only have 1 Chronomancer
Recommended Bosses: Matthias/Full Wing 2

  • Easier to organize
  • Perma Prot from Revenant
  • More CC since Revenant
  • More reliable fury access due to revenant
  • No Boons on 2nd and 3rd Subgroup
  • Less DPS than other Team Compositions

Mirror Comp
  • High Alacrity uptime since 2 Chronomancers
  • Boons covered on all party members
  • 1DPS Profession less (Chronomancers instead of Revenant/DPS Profession)
  • No Protection
  • Less CC
Recommended Bosses: Slothasor
Note: If you play mirror comp on a boss where you don’t need wardens, you change Inspiration into Domination for more DPS

Commander Chronomancer
  • 1 More DPS Profession - > most DPS
  • Can cause survivability problems on high pressure bosses (Vale Guardian, Matthias & Xera) due to low protection uptime
  • Less CC
  • Nearly no boons for Chronomancer
  • You will most likely have to tank, since you are having toughness (reaper can tank by gettin higher toughness with corrupter's Fevor) but I'm not really sure, it can also be a pros
Recommended Bosses: Wing1, Wing 3

Trait Line

  • for Continuum Split/Wells/Shield skills/Alacrity & to roleplay as the master of time
  • Illusionary Inspiration is needed for quickness uptime on 10 people (if you are the only Chronomancer)
  • Can be useful for reflect
Domination or Illusion ?

  • Distortion on every signet of inspiration, can be handy on some bosses
  • Don’t have the phantasm CD reduced (Illusionist’s Celerity this trait can save you if you mess up your rotation).
  • The skills CDs difference (35 30 24 30 without alacrity) kind of forces you to not wait for Well of Recall so you give less quickness per Signet of Inspiration but you share more often. Resulting in a messy rotation..
  • You have a waiting time between your last quickness rotation and when your Continuum Split is about to get off CD (Slightly less alacrity due to this waiting time)
  • Continuum Split CD, which helps you recover more easily if you mess up one of your quickness rotation.
  • Slightly less alacrity due of the Continuum Split CD (Continuum Split more often with Illusion > Gets the extra alacrity from Continuum Split more often)
Domination rotation
Pros :
  • Slightly more quickness
  • Slightly more alacrity (even more when avenger gets unbugged HYPE)
  • Rotation is straightforward and feels smoother
  • CD reduced on Continuum Split and all phantasms
  • Almost no waiting time between the last quickness rotation and when your Continuum Split is about to get off CD
  • While reflecting with a focus, you have higher uptime of reflect warden due of phantasmal haste
  • IF YOU CARE: With perfect rotation on both setup it’s approximately between 200 and 2k DPS more difference for Illusion (#1). With 2 Swordsmen Illusion is better, but if you use 2 Avengers Domination gets better (post patch fix)
Cons :
  • TBD :> (F5 almost match with Matthias sacrifice, so...It can get annoying)
Illusion rotation (2 avengers 1 swordsman)
Illusion rotation (2 swordsmen 1 avengers)
Rotation / Text Version
What I think & Conclusion:
I would say the Domination trait line is really good for lowman (distortion on SoI). On the two setups you normally have quickness all the time. The CDs on illusion make the rotation smoother/easier (and more forgiving) and distribute more alacrity. The DPS is slightly higher on Illusions but your role is mainly keeping up quickness and alacrity (while tanking if needed) .

Which Phantasm I use

When you have a Revenant:
  • Always at least 1 Avenger
  • Rotating between 2 Avengers (and 1 Swordsman) and 2 Swordsman (and 1 Avenger)
  • Warden if you need reflects/block projectiles
When you don’t have a Revenant and that you are the only Chronomancer (Commander setup):
  • If you don’t need reflects, you can go triple Avenger (your damage is so insignificant, that it’s much better to have more Avengers for higher alacrity uptime)

Food & Gear

All my setups use:
  • Sigil of Concentration on my main hand and Sigil of Force on the offhand
  • 6 Superior Rune of the Chronomancer
With a Revenant (50 % boon duration) :
You want to reach 100 %, for that you have 50 % from your Revenant 20 % from your nourishment/gear and 33 % from your sigil of concentration whenever you weapon swap.
What gear is the “best” gear when you have a Revenant in your squad (by that I mean in the same subgroup)?

1st Option: The go to go build
2nd Option (Nico’s try hard build)
You don't have to use 20 % boon duration food, since you can get 18 % boon duration if you use exotic trinkets (platinum doubloons) + 10 % Boon duration Utility.
Food & Utility
If you want to tank (toughness tanking: Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Keep Contruct or Xera) you can use a +5 toughnes infusion, Loaf of Candy Cactus Cornbread or get a cavalier trinket (1,2 or 3 depend how much toughness you want)

Without a Revenant :
Without a Revenant you want to reach 67 % boon duration (100 % with the sigil of concentration ).
This setup with exotic trinkets and platinum doubloons gives more effective power than the ascended Commander setup and while also being much cheaper. (Even more with Zerk Armor, if you feel like doing a 2nd set for the damage "increase"

Just so you know the Commander’s recipe names are bugged, those are the right ones

Should I shatter or not ?

Shattering (mind wrack) is a dps loss and will mess up your Chronophastama order.
How does Chronophantasma work:
When you summon a phantasm it gets this buff & the phantasm will be re summoned the first time you shatter them (F1 to Continuum Split)
How does the order work if you replace a phantasm by another:
So basically the last phantasm summoned will be the last one to be replace if you don’t shatter. If you shatter your phantasm, the order will be decided by the distance between the phantasm and their target(First one to reach the target will be the first one to get replace if you summon a new phantasm).
Example: you have a phantasmal warlock (from precasting), swordsman and an avenger up so if you shatter the order is going to be n°1 Avenger, n°2 Swordsman & n°3 Warlock

Theorycraft Stuff

I’ve done the calculation for the alacrity/DPS, also one for the quickness which I deleted (not relevant) so I took Tobi’s sheets for the structure and changed with my numbers.
  • Alacrity & Quickness
  • Since theory and reality is always different I decided to not really care about the damage but I’ve done it. Depends of what you do, it can be either Domination better or Illusions.
For the gear, I checked the effective power with
What you should know!
  • Things I did and didn’t use in my calculations:
  • That the builds are X/Inspi/Chronomancer
  • The waiting time between the last rotation and the F5
  • The time in F5
  • Quickness/Alacrity on others (not me)
  • Before your last rotation and when the F5 get off CD, there is a waiting time on both build (higher on domi) This is what causes a huge difference “with the F5 CD” between Domination and Illusion
  • Tides of Time “always” has 30 s, only does if it comes back to you
  • For the alacrity I calculated only wells and not with avenger (s) (since both attack rates are the same atm, FIX HYPE)

Useful Tips

Signet of Inspiration
  • If you don’t have to stand still (tanking) you can run around and spread quickness equally Cancel casting can be useful to trigger Illusionary Inspiration without having to change any of your phantasm if you don’t want to
Precasting (out of combat) a phantasm
Precasting is good because it allow you to use your first Continuum Split faster (get quickness and alacrity faster)
  • If you play with swordsman, precast a warlock.
  • If you play with warden, precast a swordsman.
  • If you feel like try harding, you can precast 3 phantasm without getting in combat (warlock, duelist then swordsman/warden)
Boss Specific Changes
  • On Matthias you should run Domination instead of Illusion (if you run feedback) because the quickness difference is much bigger because you have only two wells. The distortion on SoI can help a bit, giving you ”and your team” a higher sustain.
  • In a Pug Scenario when you lack quickness on Slothasor you can go Domination instead of Illusion because you only have two wells. Taking Feedback over WoR makes you lose the additional Spins of your Wardens so if you lack a lot of reflects you should keep Illusion (and stay with Feedback).

Cancel casting
  • When you are on shield, your F5 is ready. You are about to use F5 and weapon swap (for concentration sigil), do your F5 rotation then before it ends, start casting swordsman/warden (in F5) and interrupt it with stow weapon. This will trigger SoI T without getting on CD after F5. Pretty much gives you an extra SoI proc.
Using F4(Distortion) on Slothasor
  • You can absorb the shake attack of Slothasor by standing in middle of his hitbox and jumping, it can save some people (or the group) that can’t/don't dodge this attack.

Useful Links

Written guide:
Youtube’s :


  • Nico & Yui for their constant help
  • Tobi (The master blaster guy) for structure on some calculations and the help
  • Andy/Subi & Casual for checking what I’ve done, and correcting the mistakes
  • Thanks to Deathly & Fennec, for letting me use their PoV
If you have any question feel free to write down below or whisper/mail one of us in game
Axias / Shattered Orion - OrionXnAsh.3064 (English / French)
Nico (Lynn Van Gherwen) - Habataku.5214 (English / German)
Tobi (Mareika) - MasterBlaster.6827 (English / German)
Yui (Phantasmal Yui) - BlackDragon.3752 (English / German)

Snow Crows


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Guild Wars 2 - New Players Beginners' Guide │ Playing the Game & Getting to Level 80 by Gaming with GS

If you do not like to read, then see the video linked below instead:

So one of your friends has convinced you to try Guild Wars 2 with them. You've finally made your character, and finished the tutorial. But now what?

While most games lack a good end game, personally for me, Guild Wars 2 lacked a good start game, mainly because the lack of direction. By no means is there not enough to do, but rather too much to do in such a large world that you either don't know where to begin, or can't begin yet because you’re not high enough level.

A lot of your friends are probably raiding, running fractals, gathering mastery points to get above that level 80 cap, or farming for gold in some of the more fun and enjoyable Heart of Thorns maps. But what about you, the new starting player?

Outside of the personal story, which is basically the main storyline of the game, much of your gameplay is heavily driven by personal goals. Do you want to master all the dungeons and run them for gold and loot? Then do it. Do you want to earn map completion for the entire game world? Then do it. Do you want to collect all the armor styles and create each of your characters around an idea or style? Then do it. There's a variety of things to do in Guild Wars 2, but as a starting character it can be kind of rough.

As soon as you finish the tutorial and gather some money, go and find the nearest merchant and buy bags. You're going to need lots of bag space, because your inventory can fill up quick. Along with that, get some gathering tools, and a salvaging kit. Gathering tools will help you gather resources around the map, and a salvaging kit will help you break down unneeded equipment into crafting components. Now why would you want to fill your inventory up with crafting components? Because they can be deposited into your bank and free up space in your inventory by clicking the gear wheel. Those are pretty much the first few things you want to do, and will continue to do throughout the game as you continue to play.

Whenever you have the chance to do so, look for the green star on your map and top right corner of the screen to continue to advance the personal story. Your first run through the personal story can be interesting and fun, and gives you experience and levels really fast. At a certain point you'll be gated from the remaining story until your high enough level again. If you’re ever lost and don’t know what to do, look in your Hero panel, find the Story Journal and see if you can continue your personal story and go to the green star on the map. This is the fastest way to level up. In between story quests you're best off just roaming the map and finding points of interests, waypoints, vistas, hero points, and completing hearts. Look for orange circles as well on the map, these are dynamic events, and grant good amounts of experience as well.

At level 11, you'll be able to use hero points to unlock new traits and skills. Don't worry too much about what skills and traits are the best for your class; from now until level 80 is the time where you want to experiment with different skills, different weapons, and different armor stats to find your playstyle.

If you go into the PVP lobby by clicking the double sword icon, you can go to a merchant in the Heart of the Mists and buy all the weapons that are available to your class and try them out on the golems or class NPCs. Again, you'll be boosted to level 80 and have all the skills and traits unlocked, but don't worry too much about that just yet. If you do want to take an in-depth look at all the things available to you, perhaps you can even try your luck at playing PVP if you found a great combination of skills, traits, and gear setup. PVP will grant you Tomes of Knowledge that will grant you one level. If you're not ready for PVP yet and just came here to try out the weapons then you can head back out.

Pre-level 40 or so it can seem like a grind, but if you take your time exploring the world, and enjoying the game you'll have fun; and if you have a friend to do it with you it can be more enjoyable. If you want to switch starting areas, take the Lion’s Arch portal in your home city, and go to the other races’ starting areas, this is a great way to do map completion or change your environment a bit. Map completion and experience gain also works for the cities, so find all the waypoints, vistas, and points of interests there too. Everything in the game gives you experience, so always gather every resource node you cross, revive every player you see dead near you, and complete every event you cross.

With some map completion and your personal story, it shouldn't be long till your level 20-25. From here you can continue to do map completion in some of the higher level zones or continue your personal story. Apart from that however, it’d be a good idea to start looking at crafting, PVP, and Edge of the Mists as well. All those materials you've deposited from gathering and salvaging can now be used to craft and can also gain you experience to level up. If you have the necessary materials you can gain levels actually quite fast, faster than map completion and personal story even. If you don't have the materials, use the trading post to buy them.

On the trading post, you’ll also notice that you can buy and sell other goods. Merchants are great for selling your junk, and some karma merchants and heart vendors are great for buying trinkets such as rings and amulets. But the trading post is where every tradable item in the game can be bought and sold. If you feel the need to, you can buy a full set of gear for your character on the trading post around level 50-60. You’ll want to look for yellow gear, as this is rare gear that has much better stats than white, blue, and green gear, the lowest, second lowest, and third lowest quality respectively. A lot of your gear from the personal story, karma vendors, and general loot however should suffice, especially considering that buying a full set of gear can be expensive. In fact many players don't touch the trading post to buy gear until level 80, as you'll need the exotic gear then, the highest gear, right after ascended quality gear. At this point, you may also want to look at world bosses as you can do a considerable amount of them already. Many of them spawn in lower level areas like Fire Elemental, Jungle Wurm, Shadow Behemoth, and the Svanir Shaman; these also grant experience and loot. The higher level you are, the more of these you'll be able to do.

If you chose to participate in PVP, learn to fight against other people by mastering your class and skills, capture points and hold them to gain your team points, and learn to play Stronghold which pushes teams to kill opposing teams’ lords by breaking into their keep with the aid of door breakers and archers. World vs World, or WvW, is a similar PVP experience but on a much larger scale. For lower level characters, Edge of the Mist may be easier to understand and participate in as it’s on a smaller scale than the normal WvW format which has multi-large maps and a lot more people. Edge of the Mists allows you to run with a commander and an army of people to fight against others and capture objectives. It’s similar to PVP where you hold objectives to give your team points and Tomes of Knowledge can be earned to grant a PVE level. It’s also worthy to note that PVP and WvW each have reward tracks that can grant other great rewards as well!

Once level 40, you should probably start to do dungeons (the first dungeon is however unlocked at level 30, and you can do a new dungeon about every 10 levels). Dungeons grant you lots of experience very quickly in bursts. There are several dungeons, each having an icon on your map with a door symbol. Be aware some of these are higher level dungeons, and you won't even be able to go in them if you’re not the proper level. Dungeons have a story mode, and multiple paths, each run being a little different. It’s a great idea to use the LFG system to group up with others for dungeons. Aside from dungeons you can continue to craft on a second profession, if you'd like, continue to PVP and gain Tomes of Knowledge, participate in WvW and EotM for Tomes of Knowledge, or continue to explore the world of Tyria and complete hearts and do your personal story until level 80.

Once you hit level 80, everything becomes really fun as you'll be able to go for more specific goals, do raids, do the full collection of dungeons and fractals, participate in all the world bosses, some requiring collective effort such as Tequatl, complete living world seasons, farm for masteries, explore the new Heart of Thorns content, and learn your new specialization which advances your class to gain more skills and traits.

Lastly, joining a guild or creating a guild of your own can make the game a lot more fun as more of the game will become open and relevant to you. You’ll be able to take part in guild missions, claiming your guild hall, leveling up your guild hall, decorating your guild hall, and much more!

And that’s pretty much it, I hope you enjoyed this guide, and found it helpful. If you did, I can also make a level 80 guide too! Check below for specific helpful links that are useful concerning world boss timers, crafting guides, and other helpful resources every GW2 player should know.

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Get 250 Mystic Salvage Kit:
Salvaging Guide:
World Boss Timers:
Dungeon Guides:
Crafting Guides:
Guild Wars 2 Wiki:
PVP Meta Builds:
Gold Making Guides:
Top 12 Other Most Useful Sites & Tools:


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Guild Wars 2 - sPvP Rotations Guide by SpectralDagger

While being a strong mechanical player will certainly increase your chances of winning, it is not the only, or even the largest, factor. Rotations, or your movements across the map, probably have the largest effect on the outcome of a match. In the words of Ostrich Eggs, rotations are to “maximize your potential to fuck them up.” However, rotations are a somewhat abstract concept, so it can be difficult to learn for a new players. I find the easiest way to explain them is to go from the ground up, recursively adding new concepts, so here we go:
  1. The most basic kind of rotations is just matching numbers. If you’re just in even fights across the map, you’re in an okay position. This relies on predictions of where opponents will go and when they start moving. One of the main ways to do this is tracking respawns and having someone go wherever the respawning player is. The main flaw with rotations this general and simple is that you can frequently get caught in fights where you’re at a disadvantage. In such a situation, assuming equivalent mechanical skill, you’ll lose.
  2. The next step up is to have a sort of priority list of who rotates into what. For example, the Tempest is the first to rotate into team fights, while the Druid is the first to rotate into 1v1s. This takes a little bit more advanced predictions, since you aren’t just predicting where one individual player will go, but where the opposing team is going to focus their pressure. Contrary to the 1st step, this method will guarantee that you have good comps for your fights, but doesn’t optimize them.
  3. After that, you’ll have to factor in your knowledge of matchups. Maybe at the previous level you had a Druid watching your home node, but now you notice that a Dragonhunter is pushing your home node. In that instance, maybe you send the Scrapper to guard the node instead. The Druid wouldn’t lose that 1v1, but the Scrapper can actually kill the Dragonhunter fairly easily, so it’s a more optimal matchup. Team fighting matchups get more complicated than the 1v1s, so the inner workings get a little bit more based on intuition. However, this puts you on the opposite side of step one, where you have matched numbers, but advantages in those fights.
  4. The next thing you should factor in is how long it takes for you to lose disadvantaged fights so you can use that time to win other fights. With PuGs, it’s less consistent, but you can still have a general idea of how long certain matchups will take to end. If you run into the same people frequently, you can get an even better idea. If you play in a team, you should have more trust in your teammates, allowing you to do this the best. Then you try to outnumber your opponents in a way that you’ll kill them before your allies die.
The actual implementation of this depends on your class, but I won’t get into that in a general guide like this. There are also some more complex rotations around things like secondary mechanics and snowballing, but this is just meant as a quick read. All of those stem from these concepts, regardless.