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Guild Wars 2 - Soloable Hero Points Guide for getting all your specs unlocked by Fairwhetherfriend

I started this because I've been working slowly on unlocking each and every spec, and remembering which HPs are easy to do on my own was a big hassle. I figured others might be interested in a list like this, too, so... here it is :)

To begin with: my eventual discovery while making this guide was that there just aren't enough non-champion Hero Points in the new maps to be able to take your new 80 from 0 Hero Points to the 250 required for a fully unlocked spec. You can, however, get remarkably close, and can easily fill out the rest with a small handful of two-man champion points or by hitting up Central Tyria for the rest.

EDIT: Yes, I am aware some of you can solo champions. Yes, I am aware some of the champions are comparatively easy to solo. No, I will not add them to the list. This list is made up specifically of HPs that are comprised of vets and regular enemies, communes, or items. There is a list of recommended "easy" champions at the bottom of the list for reference, if anyone still needs the extra 50 points after finishing the soloable list, all specifically listed as ones I believe most players should have an easy time beating in teams of 2 or 3 at the most. I have yet to see one recommended in the comments as soloable that isn't already there.

  • Total number of skill points required to make a full spec: 250
  • Total number of hero point activities required to make full spec: 25
  • These should all be soloable, and require nothing more than basic gliding unless otherwise specified - however, mushrooms and/or updraft gliding are increasingly required for Tangled Depths and Dragon’s Stand, so they’re recommended.

Verdant Brink: 8/11
  • Veteran fight in deep Creeping Crevasse
  • Commune at Wyvern Cliffs (mushrooms make it easier to get to, but shouldn’t be required. Might want someone to at least bait-and-switch the wyverns for this one)
  • Commune at Shrouded Ruins (difficult to access without either mushrooms or updrafts if the zone isn’t at least partially controlled by the Pale Reavers)
  • Deep Nuhoch Wallow Commune south of Wyvern Cliffs (wallows NOT required - you can fall and glide into this one, though you have to WP out if you do that)
  • Abyssal Commune east of Coztic Grounds/north of Hidden Copse
  • Commune inside giant log in the abyss of western Coztic Grounds (poison mastery no longer required)
  • Commune in Canopy east of Noble Ledges (accessible by gliding to the big vine to the south of the peak)
  • Cliffside Commune north of Broken Bluffs (requires updrafts, I think)
Auric Basin: 4/11
  • Toxin-Cure Hog south of Tarnished Treetop
  • Commune in Burnished Quarry (requires Nuhoch Wallows, leyline gliding or a very nice mesmer with one of the above) How to get to this one with basic gliding, from Eraga/Dulfy via /u/vJac (
  • Exalted overlook in Tarir (accessible by gliding SE from the northern entrance)
  • Veteran golem fight behind The Falls (requires leyline gliding, lean techniques, or the experimental gun purchased from the Pact NPC in Malchor’s Leap after completing the risen chicken event - see Youtube for an explanation of how to get here) thanks to /u/Watton for pointing out that the way up here with lean techniques was patched out of the game and no longer accessible without leyline gliding :( -- UPDATE: the amazing /u/yukithebum has provided screenshots of a new path to this HP which requires advanced gliding ( and the amazing /u/GimmeYaMoney hs provided screens of a path requiring lean techniques ( -- and from /u/vJac, basic gliding only (
  • Bonus: Balthazar Commune can be done alone with enough access to stealth - if you can get in and commune without dropping your stealth, you can get this commune if you’re lucky (requires Exalted Markings mastery to access). Appears to have been patched out. Stealth now drops upon entering the room. Thanks to /u/Zergatroid for the update.
Tangled Depths: 3/11 4/11
  • Underwater commune north of Deeproot Sink (accessible by going north along Dragon’s Passage, jumping into the water at the end of the passage and then swimming to it)
  • Ancient Power Core commune in Decayed Hives (accessible by swimming from Rata Novus WP, and requires exalted markings to actually get in - note: not actually IN the Decayed Hive, but rather in the abandoned lab from the story mission)
  • Gilded River commune in Deeproot sink (Requires updraft - starting at the Ogre camp, climb the Great Tree all the way to the top to the Aboreal Overlook POI via the mushrooms. The just glide to the HP - but watch for the sharpshooters. Might want to grab the mastery in the tree and the vista on the eastern cliff while you’re up there).
  • From /u/foxhull - "You can solo the Beetle adventure (the one with all the mushrooms around a commune point) by going there as a beetle. Stealth right up to the commune point using the beetle skill, then burrow. The burrow lasts ~1-2 seconds longer than it takes to commune with the hero point, and you can't be attacked while you're burrowed and channeling. In Tangled Depths, near the Nuhoch waypoint."
Dragon’s Stand: 5/7
Important note: these are ALL only available after a certain point in the meta event. So yes, you will have to finish the meta event to get basically any of these. If you’re having a hard time finding a good map for finishing the meta-event, I recommend keeping an eye on the LFG tool to find taxis into organized maps.
  • Blighting Tower Communes (3 of them)
  • Exalted Pylon Commune in Rooted Copse (Requires bouncing mushroom and updraft gliding. Accessible from Northern Advance camp waypoint, jump down into the hole near the waypoint, run past the bottom of the pylon and continue to the updraft and mushroom that takes you up into Rooted Copse. From there, you can glide down to it) -- EDIT: Video of how to get to this one with gliding only and without having had to finish the meta! Thanks to /u/kaktusimut for the link!
  • Mushroom Grotto Commune in Central Barbed Gate (Guarded by a Champ. Requires bouncing mushrooms. From the waypoint, jump down the set of stone platforms near the hero point - you need to jump down towards the writhing vines and glide back under the platform to reach it)
Total Accessible with limited masteries/skills and doable solo: 20/25 21/25 required

Recommended Additional HPs to complete the rest:
Verdant Brink:
  • Vampire Broodmother is easily accessible at night at a straight glide north from the Matriarch’s Perch and there’s always people doing it after Wyvern Matriarch kill.
  • Security Console can be accessed by running over the big vine from the peak of the Noble Crash site and gliding. Easily completed with two or three people.
Auric Basin
  • Mordrem Flower near Eastwatch requires bouncing mushrooms to access and is otherwise easy to complete with only two people. Actually could be soloed pretty easily with enough DPS (when I did it, it was a race against time, not death).
  • Exalted Seer is beneath Tarir and only accessible if you win the meta-event. There is never a shortage of people down there if you do, though, so you’ll find yourself with plenty of people to help you kill it.
Tangled Depths
  • The Vampire Spider Queen (Guano-Infused Spider eggs), accessed by using the updrafts in Deeproot Sink is easily done with two people. From /u/canhasredditz: "You can easily solo the spider in tangled depths on any class using a ranged weapon and just jumping up and down the small ledge, the spider only has melee so it keeps trying to run around it to get to you."
  • The Zintl Inquisitor west of Teku Nuhoch is easy with two/three people as long as you kill the surrounding spawns first.
  • Mordrem Blossom in Dragon’s Passage is easily accessible (more so with updrafts, but not required). Killing all 3 possible spawns here nets you an achieve. Can be done pretty easily with 2 or 3, and you can encourage others to help with the promise of the achievement :P
Dragon’s Stand
  • Spider’s Nest in Exhumed Delve is an easy-to-access commune, as long as you have either Leyline Gliding or a nice mesmer around.
  • Dragon’s Overlook is a commune in Dragon’s Domain, easily accessible with advanced gliding or a nice mesmer
And of course, don’t forget that you can complete much easier HPs in Central Tyria to collect any number of additional HPs (assuming you don’t have world completion already, but if you do you’d already be finished your spec!)

EDIT: /u/waktivist suggests EotM farming as a good way to gain Hero Points as well. Thanks for the tip :D


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