Monday, July 27, 2015

Guild Wars 2 Video - Molten Duo Guide [Kyosika]

A short guide on how to beat the molten duo as fast as possible!
This is done in Fractals of the mists level 50.
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ZeeTeeOh - Move On

Walktrough from wiki:

Phase 1 - Berserker and Firestorm

The two bosses have different mechanics:

The Molten Berserker (blue charr) shadow steps around the platform and does a 4-part chain melee attack that will end in a small shockwave shooting out in the direction he's facing. Occasionally he will also perform some stomps that send out traveling circular shockwaves. Some of these (the white/clear ones) will travel along the ground and can be jumped over (saving dodge endurance) and others (the blue flat ones) must be dodged to avoid.
The Molten Firestorm (advanced Dredge power suit) hovers around the platform shooting flaming AoE shots at the party that persist on the ground for several seconds. The shockwaves and flaming projectiles both cause Agony.
Every time one of the bosses loses 25% health, the other one will become Enraged, significantly increasing the rate at which he uses his skills and consequently his damage output. It's possible to remove the Enraged buff by hitting that boss 50 times (every hit removes a stack), after which it will become stunned for a few seconds. Another option is to concentrate only on one boss, enduring the other one in Enraged state for nearly the whole duration of the fight.

Phase 2 - Combined Tech

Once one of the bosses is defeated, the surviving boss will walk to the corpse and "upgrade" his attacks.

The Molten Berserker gains an improved stomp and causes debris to fall down on the platform.
The Molten Firestorm creates a storm on the platform that significantly limits the area the party can stay in. Players caught in the storm will likely be thrown off the platform, which will kill.
The boss's health will be completely refilled. Any players that have died will revive at full health once one of the bosses are defeated.

If the party wipes in this phase, they will only need to continue Phase 2 instead of restarting the whole fight. Defeat the boss to finish the fractal.

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