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Guild Wars 2 Guide - The Colossus \ Steps and total costs of crafting! (Precursor Crafting Spoilers) by Charrikayu

Hey guys! I just finished crafting my Colossus to make Juggernaut for my Engineer and the new Scrapper. Coincidentally I got a Colossus out of the forge well before HoT launched, but I sold it because I wanted to craft one for myself. Below I'll detail all the necessary steps and materials required, as well as average prices. This isn't really a guide so much as a tally of what it cost me to make. I'll try and list prices where I can but it took so many materials to craft that this may not be entirely complete. Feel free to ask me any questions on anything not specific enough!

Just a general note before beginning: It seems that the only thing the actual Legendary Crafting masteries are used for beyond the first level are for buying books from Hobbs that go into your collection. Other than those, it seems you can continue without the masteries (so, for example, once you completely mastery level 2 you don't need mastery level 3 for anything except a book that's part of the level 3 collection, you can do the rest of the collection without it)

Step One: Revering Giants and the First Hammer Creation

1) After unlocking the first mastery and the Colossus collection you start by going around Tyria pondering at statues and kneeling at giants. For the most part you merely need the requisite statue/giant in your field of view when you do the emote. There is no monetary requirement to this step and while it helps to have world completion, you can get to most areas pretty quickly. I'd say this took me about an hour or two to do. None of the giants are particularly hard to find or require events that don't appear often.

2) Once this collection is complete you receive a box with a crafting component for the first tier of the Colossus and a recipe which includes the other components. You will need 500 weaponsmithing for this. This is the first monetary component. Please note that the costs I list are a rough approximation between buy and sell orders for the components and that some prices have since changed since I made the Colossus (and some prices will still change in the future). I didn't pay the full price for all these steps as I had many materials in my bank, but I'm going to list the full cost anyway. The numbers will not add up exactly but are instead close approximations based on current prices and what I paid.
  • Essence of the Colossal: Free
  • Experimental Hammer Haft: 10 Spiritwood Planks, 100 memories of battle, 100 shards of glory (Total cost around 77g)
  • Experimental Hammer Head: 15 Deldirmor Steel Ingots, 100 memories of battle, 100 shards of glory (Total cost around 100g)
  • Legendary Inscription: 10 Globs of Ecto, 5 Crystalline Dust, 1 Orichalcum Plated Dowl, 10 Elonian Leather (Total cost around 60g)
You now have your tier 1 precursor.
In total this step requires 10 Globs of Ectoplasm, 1 Orichalcum Plated Dowel, 10 Elonian Leather, 15 Delrimor Steel, 10 Spiritwood Planks, 200 Shards of Glory and 200 Memories of Battle

Total cost of step one: 250-270g

Step Two: Learning to become a Master Craftsman

This is the step that I think most players will find tedious and burning holes in their pockets. You need a lot of materials in this step and basically spend half your time standing at a crafting station refining components. This phase is almost entirely monetary, but does have some later non-monetary components.

1) You must first help your master weaponsmith with their supply problems by bringing them 250 basic mithril hammers, using mithril ingots and elder wood planks (or refining them from mithril and elder wood, depending on what you have and want to buy).
  • 500 elder wood planks, 750 mithril ingots (Total cost around 20g)
2) You must then bring repair components for these hammers to your master weaponsmith by bringing them another 250 mithril hammer heads and 250 large elder wood hafts (the same components used to make the hammers, but not combined)
  • 500 elder wood planks, 750 mithril ingots (Total cost around 20g)
3) Now that your Master Weaponsmith is free to teach you, you have to prove your skill level by bringing them hammer heads and large hafts, and then by creating your own hammer head and large haft.
  • You must bring your master weaponsmith 10 iron, bronze, steel, darksteel, mithril, and orichalcum hammer heads, and 5 Deldrimor Steel Hammers heads. I won't list the requisite materials, but the (Total cost was around 95g)
  • You must make a weighted hammer head out of 250 mithril ingots, 5 Deldrimor steel, 10 primordium, and 10 reagents (Total cost around 50g)
  • You must bring your master weaponsmith 10 green, soft, seasoned, hard, elder, and ancient large hafts, and 5 Spiritwood Large Hafts. I won't list the requisite materials, but the (Total cost was around 95g)
  • You must make a balanced hammer haft out of 250 elder wood planks, 50 mithril ingots, and 5 Spiritwood Planks (Total cost around 50g)
4) Lastly in this crafting section, you must make superior forging tools.
  • Forging tools are made from 250 mithril ingots, 100 orichlacum ingots, and 10 Deldrimor Steel (Total cost around 50g)
5) Finally we're done with the crafting portion of collection two. It was at this point I began to worry that crafting the colossus was actually going to cost me more than buying it on the TP, but I was ready to take the fall if need be. Now you need to research magics to imbue your hammer with. This is achieved by talking to Scholar Mossi and bringing her farmable materials from around the world. You need to bring her:
  • 1,000 bandit crests
  • 400 geodes
  • 100 Obsidian shards
  • 100 Karka shells (about 9g)
  • 25 passion flowers (10g)
  • 25 Stabilizing matricies (4g)
Once all this is done you just need to buy the collection book Vol. 2 and you will receive the recipe to craft the next stage of the precursor. Making this perfected hammer requires:
  • Expertise in Hammer Crafting (free with completion of collection 2)
  • Spirit of the Colossus (salvaged from the tier 1 precursor)
  • Jar of Polish: 10 master maintenance oil, Amalgamated gemstone, 10 Reagents, 250 bloodstone dust (2g total)
  • Prismatic Lodestone: Glacial, Molten, Onyx, and Charged Lodestone (5g total)
Finally you have your tier 2 precursor.
In total this step requires: 1750 mithril ingots, 1250 elder wood planks, a whole lot of hammer heads and wooden hafts, 30 Deldrimor Steel Ingots, 15 Spiritwood Planks, some metal ingots, lodestones and a few miscellaneous items

Total cost of step two: 350-400g

Step Three: How to Train your Ooze

This step is almost entirely non-monetary. You must make an Ooze Terrarium (about 2g) to house ooze drops from various types of ooze in Tyria. It seems that the drops are RNG, but they are very common. I never had to kill more than 15-20 of any type of ooze before they dropped a sample of what I needed.

Once you have all your oozes they combine and you must feed your ooze various items sold by vendors around Tyria. This step is also easy and, again, helps if you have world completion. The only challenging food to acquire is from the Drake Broodmother in Orr, you'll need some other players to help you kill her if the merchant isn't available.

After your ooze has been fed you can now double-click to apply a Juggernaut-like coating to yourself (for 5 minutes) and begin training your ooze. You then need to go to various bosses and locations while your ooze is applied and receive buffs/debuffs and complete certain tasks. This stage is mostly about timing. None of the requirements are particularly RNG, but you do need to be at bosses on time (You need to do Teq, Jormag, etc). The hardest one is probably corruption at the Risen Priest of Grenth: this is only available when the temple is being attacked, not defended. You're also required to go into Fractals and do several levels, including levels that have agony. If you've never done Fractals you'll need to get at least up to a level that has agony.

Once your ooze has been trained you're basically done! Buying the Vol. 3 book will complete your collection and unlock the component and recipe needed to craft The Colossus. The final recipe is:
  • Essence of the Ooze (Free when you complete the tier 3 collection)
  • Spirit of the Perfected Hammer (Salvaged from the Tier 2 precursor)
  • Ooze Reservoir: 10 crystalline dust, 5 molten lodestones, 50 coarse sand, 10 reagents (about 20g)
  • Colossus Statue: 100 mithril ingots, 250 platinum ingots, 5 onyx lodestones, sculptors tools (about 18g)
And you're done!

All of these gold numbers, again, are approximations based on my notes about what I paid, current market prices, and few other details. I did not keep explicit track of everything I bought (and I already had many of the items) so some numbers may not add up. What I can tell you is that my personal total costs were:

Tier 1 (266g) + Tier 2 (358g) + Tier 3 (38g) = 662g TOTAL

Which is about 40g less than the current buy order on the Trading Post. The colossus I got out of the forge I sold for 750g pre-HoT. Note that this number (662g) does not account for materials already in my bank, assuming I had sold them instead. The actual amount of gold I paid out of pocket was 497g, which means 165g of materials in my bank went into the hammer.

Costs on these will change as materials move around and settle. The biggest ones are likely the currencies from WvW and PvP, as well as the coarse sand. Ascended materials will also likely come down a bit. I estimate that if I had waited for prices to normalize and put in more buy orders you can probably bring the total cost down by somewhere between 50-100g which would make the final product about 550-600g to craft.

The final product is tradable in the Trading Post.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about any part of the process! I may be going to bed shortly after posting this thread, so if I don't respond right away to questions I'll answer in the morning.


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  1. Where were you able to find blood oozes? Wiki says Challdar Gorges in Bloodtide coast but I haven't been able to find a single one...