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Guild Wars 2 - Converting your currencies to Gold

Questions like "How can I convert my Karma to gold?" or "What can I do with my Badges of Honor" pop up pretty often is this subreddit, so I thought I'd write a guide that explains different methods to get money out of your alternative currencies. I will try to avoid telling too many numbers, because most of them heavily rely on markets that are fluctuating.

Karma: The fastest method to convert your Karma to Gold is to buy Orrian Jewelery Boxes from Karma merchants in Orr. Note that this method took a hefty hit in profits when Karma consumables were nerfed and the prices of lodestones fell. It is a pretty poor conversion rate, and you rely on the relatively rare lodestone drops from the boxes.

Normally the most profitable way is selling various level 400 foods that require some ingredient that is bought by Karma. This however is often much slower, and feels more like flipping on the trading post, than really making money out of your stuff

Gems: Well this one is pretty obvious, there is a window that allows you to directly exchange Gems to Gold and vice versa. Note however that you will lose money if you change your gold to gems and directly change it back. If you really want other methods you might try buying stuff like Mini Packs, or Dye Packs and hope for luck.

Laurels: Right now the most profitable way to get money out of Laurels is buying Heavy Crafting Bags and selling those Mats on the TP. Depending on the Market you might also want to get Unidentified Dyes and sell those (its not worth it to identify them most of the time)

Glory: I would not recommend trying to get money out of glory. There is only 1 way to get money out of it, and the conversion factor is ridiculously poor. If you really need the money you can sometimes get Unidentified Dye out of the chests you get from the glory vendors. I don't know if gold chests drop them more often than copper chests, maybe someone put a little research into that one. Salvage the other Items you get out of those chests for PvP Mats. You can craft additional dyes in the mystic forge with 1 Arcane Orb, 10 Arcane Powder, 1 Arcane Sliver and 1 Consumable Token (you can get those for 200 glory). The dye is then account bound, so you must identify it, and sell the identified dyes. Right now this is the ONLY conversion method that I am aware of.

Badges of Honor: You can trade those for blueprints that you can directly sell for some money. Just look in the trading post and check what would be the best conversion rate. It's usually rams or arrow carts. It's never Ballistas.

Fractal Relics: 35 Relics can get you a skillpoint. Go to the skillpoint section to see how to get money out of those.

Guild Commendations: Right now the best way would be to get a Sentinel Inscription for 10 Commendations and sell them. Normally you also get a nice profit out of guild blueprints, but right now they are pretty low because of the duping exploit.

Dungeon Tokens There are basically 3 ways to get money out of Dungeon Tokens.

  • Get some of the 1 Token slaying potions and sell them. Is pretty usefull for Arah Tokens, since people get those potions for Tequatl
  • If the rare armor you get, is level 70 or higher (Citadel of Flame and higher dungeons) you can salvage those for ectos.
  • You can salvage exotics that have a not craftable stat combination and hope for Inscriptions, which sell for a few Gold.

If you happen to own one of the rare recipes fow jewelery the bosses can drop, you might also be able to get some money out of them this way.

For the unique dungeons:

Ascalonian Catacombs: Rare gear is level 35, but you can get exotic Soldier and Magi weapons and salvage them for Inscriptions.

Caudecus Manor: Rare gear is level 45, but you can get exotic Shaman and Rabid weapons and salvage them for Inscriptions.

Twilight Arbor: Rare gear is level 55, but you can get exotic Magi and Rabid weapons and salvage them for Inscriptions.

Sorrow's Embrace: Rare gear is level 65, but you can get exotic Soldier weapons and salvage them for Inscriptions.

Citadel of Flame: Rare gear is level 75, so you can salvage it for Ectoplasm. All exotic weapon stats are craftable.

Honor of the Waves: Rare gear is salvageable for Ectoplasm. All exotic weapon stats are not craftable, so you can salvage those for inscriptions.

Crucible of Eternity: Rare gear is salvageable for Ectoplasm. You can get exotic Dire weapons and salvage them for Inscriptions.

The Ruined City Of Arah: Rare gear is salvageable for Ectoplasm. You can get exotic Rabid weapons and salvage them for Inscriptions. Selling the Undead Slaying Potions is very profitable.

Skillpoints: One of the best currencies to get gold out of. There are many ways to make a profit, most of them are promoting materials or crafting expensive weapon skins. I know of 2 sites that calculate your profit margins: The first and the second

Influence: Many people don't know this, but you can get Guild Catapults for 500 Influence and sell them for normally a bit under 1 gold. They take 24h to build, so if you need the money fast, you can speed it up by spending up to an additional 5000 Influence to get them instantly. Note however, that you can only take one of them out every 10 minutes.

Guild Merits: There is no real way to get money out of those. Maybe someone will pay you for a hero banner, I don't know. EDIT: OK now 3 people told me I could get Sentinel Inscriptions for them. Guild Merits are NOT Guild Commodations. You get Merits for your guild, while you get Commodations for yourself.

By: Eirh

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