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Guild Wars 2 - Farming Baubles For All Ages Guide

With the rather high cost of all the new items that World Two of SAB presented all of us with, I have made this short guide for both new SAB players and those of us with Distinction in Applied Jumping.
The first and most important note I need to make (that has already been noted other places but bears repeating) is that dig site locations were nerfed. They ALL are now on a once per day and per account cool down, and many of them have had their amounts reduced(but a few have been increased).

Guide for those just starting out:
If you are completely new to SAB or just started your best bet to fill out your inventory is to focus on World One. Start by working your way through all three Zones without worrying too much about secrets, dig sites, or such. Do try and enjoy SAB for what it is and come back later for all the achievements.
Finishing each zone will grant you two bubble baubles(and one for the extra level after King Toad), which if done each day will start you well on your way to getting the skins/minis you want from Moto.
Once you have made it through World One, go back and get the digger from Zone One as you should have 100 baubles by now. Now, return to Zones 1-3 and hit up the dig sites to get a massive boost to your income. Be careful not to go over your 250 bauble wallet limit until you pick up the 500 bauble wallet from Zone Three. This is also a good time to plan out a route to hit each Zone daily for bubbles and baubles, this I expand on in the next guide. Now Using Dulfy's guide work through all of the secrets and bauble locations making sure to get the bombs from Zone Two before you start.

Guide for those just working on Major in Enhancement:
In this section I assume you already know World One well and have Minor in Enhancement. If you were like me and wondering how you were going to pay for Major in Enhancement, I can assure you that while farming baubles is slower you can get a new item per day, at least, just by hitting up the old dig sites.
By now you should already have a fast route through Zones One-Three of World One to farm bubbles. All you have to do is add the dig site locations to that route.
Almost all of the dig sites have had their amounts reduced to 20 baubles with a few notable exceptions:
  1. Zone Two, sites #1 and #2 have been reduced to 5 baubles.
  2. Zone Two, site #6 by the queen bee dog has been increased to 50 baubles.
  3. Zone Three, site #5 has been increased to 50 baubles.
As such I would suggest hitting up all the big sites as you pass through each of the Zone. There are a few that are exceptionally out of the way, but to each their own. The ones I personally pass up are:
-Zone 1 Site #2, if you don't stick the dodge jump from the first site to the second it's not worth it to work your way back up to the top of the tree again.
-Zone 2 Sites #1 & #2, since they are only 5 baubles they really aren't worth it anymore. Site #6, the first jump from the tree roots to the leaf is pretty sketchy and the queen bee dog is an arse sometimes. This and Site #7 are the only ones out of the way of running the Zone normally so feel free to drop them.
-Zone 3 Site #1, not really hard just out of the way.
Supplement this with the guide to baubles for World 2 Zone 1, do note however that most are really small amounts for lots of work. There is also a 10 bauble near the start of World 2 Zone 3, that you can continueally run to on infantile mode. However, this sounds like agony to me but if you need to farm outside the daily reset this might be your best bet.

Farming Continue Coins for Tribulation Mode
For those that don't want to get the Infinite Continue Coin from the gem store, remember that you can get Continue Coins from Moto in exchange for both bubbles and baubles. As such you can easily get 7 bubbles per day from World One Zones One-Three. In addition, each Zone end chest also has a strong chance at giving a continue coin and if you hit the dig sites like described above you can easily get 500 baubles worth another 10 Coins.
This equates to around 48 Continue Coins per day just for running Zones One-Three which, according to the wiki, is worth 6 lives per coin, making each run worth 288 lives.

If you are awesome at Tribulation Mode
(Thanks /u/02pheland) Tribulation Mode provides a huge amount of baubles(~250+) at the end chest of each Zone, and if you have the routes for a Zone down it should definitely already be on your radar for farming. So if you are the type to jump right into Tribulation Mode, unlike me who wanted to complete the other SAB achievements before trying it, make sure to be hitting that up daily to fill out your inventory and start stockpiling green coins. As noted by /u/Cilph, these are not daily locked so you can farm to your hearts content.

Guide by:  ZionCypher

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