Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Introducing Guild Wars 2 Combat Mode

EDIT 3 : MAKE SURE GUILD WARS 2 IS SET TO WINDOWED FULLSCREEN (via the in game options menu)
Guild Wars 2 Combat Mode
Toggle Combat Mode on and off with any key you choose. Combat Mode transforms Guild Wars 2 movement and targeting into that of a true action game. The cursor becomes a fixed crosshair (of your choice) at the center of the screen. Moving the mouse now turns your character and camera (as if the right button was held, like a 3rd person shooter). Right Click becomes anything you want; Dodge? Weapon Swap? Whatever you choose.
Current Features:
  • Crosshair, with crosshair targeting
  • Lots of crosshair choices, with easily customizable styles, sizes and colours (beta currently only has 3)
  • No more need to hold Right Click to turn the camera
  • Eliminates the need to TAB target
  • The normal manual method of targeting makes it impossible to turn, strafe and mouse target at the same time. Combat Mode allows you to perform all 3 easily at the same time
  • Changes the Right Click to another action; Dodge, spell, weapon swap, etc
  • Seamless intergration with GW2. Opening panels such as Inventory and Hero Panel will switch you out of Combat Mode
  • Easy to install and use, very low performance impact, if any at all
  • Useful for disabled and RSI inflicted gamers
  • Simple to keep up to date with a version check built in (website not up until september 15)
I hope you enjoy
How Combat Mode came about: I suffer from RSI and have always needed something to toggle Right Click look in games. I figured this would be useful to a lot of RSI sufferers and disabled gamers. I had no plans to release it publicly, until I saw someone else on Reddit had done a similar project and it had got some interest.
I immediately contacted JayceMJ to see if he would allow me to use parts of his script in future versions of mine, and he was pleased. I worked on making the script useful for everyone, while still maintaining design choices that would cater to the RSI and disabled gamers I was originally aiming for.
EDIT1: Forgot to mention, it wont hold down the right mouse button if activated over a panel such as inventory or hero screen. close all panels before toggling it on. Also, people are reporting a bug that causes the right click to sometimes be held outside of the game. This will be addressed, for now simply toggle it off with whatever key you have assigned (default: TAB)
EDIT2: I will screenshot Arena nets confirmation of this mod being legal to use after the official reply.
Screenshot using Jayce's orignal crosshair


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