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Guild Wars 2 - Tangled Depths Achievement Guide by Versepelles

Here is a hastily thrown together guide for the Tangled Depths Achievements.
It's still a work in progress, and will be discontinued after other community members host more permanent versions, with better quality videos. This guide assumes that you have updraft and bouncing mushrooms; other masteries are noted. Also, check out the Verdant Brink Achievement Guide and Dragon's Stand Achievement Guide as well!

Note that some of the Rata Novus achievements may be annoying to complete until the asuran defense systems have been deactivated (part of the meta chain).
  • Archeotech Adept - Talk to this golem north of the Rata Novus waypoint to unlock a collection. The whirling gyro must be obtained first, then the other parts (scattered throughout the area) can be obtained in any order. Video: Whirling Gyroscope. Video: Other parts.
  • Chak Bait - This should come incidentally, although you could farm it by running through the various lanes and chak tunnels.
  • Chak Egg Scambler - Fairly easy. Note that the adventure is unmarked and locked until the SCAR camp chain is about halfway done. See the adventure section below.
  • Champion Chak Hunter - Most of the required Chak heroes spawn during the camp chains.
  • Cloak and Snagger - North of Dragon's Passage, instead of landing on the Hero Point cliff from the updraft, turn around and stealth onto a ledge with multiple mordrem sharpshooters. You can stealth on top of the chest and get the achievement without Gliding 4. Video.
  • Crystallized Cache Seeker - Currently bugged (please report!) Thanks to /u/immortius: Try opening caches in Nuhoch village. These may count.
  • Dive Master: Chak Hive - Easily accesible after Drone Race. Otherwise, there is a jumping puzzle up to it. Video from Drone Race.
  • Gerant Slayer - Part of the defense events.
  • Lore Untangler - Higher up in Rata Novus are some (~8) small holographic instructors. They ask random questions and can be reset by relogging or changing maps, allowing this event to be farmed. See the bottommost section for some questions and answers. Video.
  • Lost Lab Locator - Accessed by an underwater tunnel under Rata Novus, to the north. A hero point is here, so check out Dulfy's guide if you need this achievmeent.
  • Master Mushroom Spelunker - Finish the jumping puzzle in the room with the Mushroom Queen Hero Point. Video (not mine). While standing on the mushrooms, you continually take poison and torment damage, but this can be circumvented by repeatedly jumping. Can also be ported by a mesmer (message me in-game if interested, this week only!)
  • Potoni Masher - At the top of Teku Nuhoch, after the Nuhoch camp chain has finished(?). Requires Nuhoch 5 to start the challenge, although anyone who participates gets the achievement credit.
  • Pulse Room Glider - High above Ley Line Confluence waypoint. Glide using the Ley Lines up to it. Video.
  • Regurgicidal - Kill the Great Skelk Regurgitant west of Teku Nuhoch waypoint. To get to the underground lake, travel down the ramp from the waypoint and follow the passage. The Skelk Regurgitant fight takes place on three island, which you must glide to. Every so often, the Skelk's break bar turns green and you must immediately CC it, or it heals to full. The fight is fun and challenging, as the boss moves between islands, knocks players off, and has a small hoard of adds to aid it. Most enjoyable in a 4-6 person group.
  • Roost Rouster - Some packs of birds take flight when you approach (and other do not- they don't count.) You will most likely complete this incidentally, but this can be farmed as the birds take flight and land fairly quickly, allowing you to scare the same flock rapidly. Flocks appear all over the map; and easy one requires gliding from the cliffs in Ogre Camp. Map.
  • The Longest Glide - Requires Ley Line Gliding. Video.
  • Triple Mordrem Takedown - The hero point north of Dragon's Passage waypoint spawns one of three champions: Sniper, Stalker, or Punisher. To get this achievement, defeat all of them. Unfortunately, the spawn seems to be set for long periods of time (possibly full meta cycles), so try map-hopping or checking back each cycle to get different champions.
Camp Chains
There are four hubs, each with an associated chain. Each hub resets after the King of the Jungle event. Just hop into a lane and follow the train!
  • Friend of the Frogs - Teku Nuhoch.
  • Honorary Ogre - Ogre Camp. Note that the chain jumps from the Ogre Lane back to Ogre Camp at one point, and also that the achievement does not currently list each step (no checklist).
  • Honorary Rata Novan - Rata Novus.
  • SCAR Supporter - SCAR Camp.
Lane Defense Chains
At set intervals, the King of the Jungle event takes place. This is extremely difficult for pug maps to complete currently; look for an experienced guild for this event. All lane events begin at Ley-Line Confluence waypoint, and each defense chain is easy to follow. Here is a timer for the event.
  • Nuhoch Lane Defender
  • Ogre Lane Defender
  • Rata Novus Lane Defender
  • SCAR Lane Defender
Check out this video collection by /u/FennecOwO for gold medal runs. Note that most of the adventures are locked until the meta event progresses far enough.
  • Beetle Feast
  • Drone Race - Locked until the end of the SCAR camp chain. Poison Lore makes this very easy.
  • Haywire Punch-o-Matic - Located NW of Ley-Line Confluence waypoint. Requires Exalted 3. Video: Getting there.
  • Ley-Line Run - Does not require ley line gliding! Accessed via bouncing mushroom from the Ogre Lane.
  • Scrap Rifle Field Test - Locked until halfway through the SCAR camp chain. Located NW of the SCAR camp waypoint. Video: Getting there.
Check out Dulfy's guide for these.
  • Cryptonym
  • Plains of Golghein
  • Shard of Brilliance
  • Sword of Smodur
  • Whitebear's Pride II
Lore Untangler Questions
  • A human mesmer focusing on love and illusions would be most likely to primarily worship Lyssa.
  • Once the human god of death, Dhuum now sits imprisoned in the Hall of Judgement, deep in the underworld.
  • The death of Shiro Tagachi caused the Jade Wind that devastated the southern portion of Cantha.
  • South of the Tarnished Coast, the Ring of Fire Islands was the location of the battle between the mursaat and the Titans.
  • The Norn snow leopard represents Independence, strategy, and laughter in the face of danger.
  • After defeating the Destroyers in battle, Pyre Fierceshot declared that the Charr have no gods.
  • Located to the southwest of the Granite Citadel, Sorrow's furnace was the home of the Iron Forgeman.
  • Duke Barradin was next in line for the throne of Ascalon, but relinquished the crown to King Adelbern.
  • A kurzick champion named Viktor aided in the defeat of Shiro Tagachi.
  • Master of the Margonites, Abaddon was once the human god of secrets.
  • Olaf Olafson is the longest reigning champion of the Norn.
  • Gunnar Poundfist is a well-respected blacksmith among the Norn.
  • The Canthan Ritualists channel the spirits of the dead, summon allies from the void, and were instrumental in the Harvest Ceremeony.

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