Thursday, December 13, 2012

Artificer's Guide: 0-400 in 1.4gp

Shopping List & Costs

As part of the list below, you’ll need to purchase 45 Tier 5 Fine Crafting Materials.  You’ll have to select which one of those to buy based on prevailing market conditions (see instructions for more information).  You’ll also need to buy a Mithril Imbued Inscription from the Master Artificer vendor for 672 Karma.
The last three items you’ll make are Level 80 rare weapons.  These will typically sell for about 30 silver on the TP, but if there is an upswell in supply the prices will fall, rapidly.  Instead of selling them on the TP, you can salvage them with a Black Lion Salvage Kit (or a master’s kit if you don’t have one) and get somewhere between 0 and 9 Glob’s of Ectoplasm (with an average of about 2).  The choice is yours.  You can also view current prices using a live updating google spreadsheet created by a MassMediocrity (quick note, the google spreadsheet only lists costs, you can expect about 2.2g of items to sell).
Guide - Artificer - Costs


All but Tier 5 is repetitive and very quick.  For T5, specifically for 375-400, you’ll need to craft 3 different rare weapons using an imbued mithril inscription and each inscription requires 15 Tier 5 Fine Crafting Materials.  The costs on Tier 5 Fine Crafting Materials vary with supply and demand so pick the cheapest one.
Tier 5 Fine Crafting Materials and corresponding Inscription:
The following table shows the instructions for each tier:
Guide - Artificer - Instructions



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  1. really good, it cost me around 5g (due to market). But thank you very much !! :)