Friday, December 21, 2012

Gw2 -Tips for Toypocalypse

Here are some tips that may help you and the rest of your pug party to get the Toypocalypse canceled achievement (survive all 10 rounds with all 5 dolyaks alive changed to 1 dolyak alive). Feel free to add your own below.
  • Build Build Build - use the toysmasher and smash buildings & trees. Grab the scraps and snow
  • You can upgrade all the defense structures to the super and the mega level by using scraps/snow on them. This will heal them and upgrade them to the next tier.
  • You can hire skritt mercs on the west side of the map by bringing them 3 scraps. They can be handy
  • When fighting Toxx, take your time. Have one or two group member kite her around (use the rifle) while the rest of your party build and upgrade defenses.
  • Watch where the toys are coming from and then build ice walls along their path. Build catapults behind the walls.
  • Pistol is quite important as you can perm stun some toys and turn them on each other.
  • Every even round, you get some hay spawn on the outer edge of the circle, grab them and feed the dolyak with the lowest health
  • Once you got enough defense stuff around the dolyaks, you can build mini forts (some walls, some catapults, snowmen etc) elsewhere on the map. This will stop groups of toys if they spawn near and distract them from the dolyaks.
  • Do not fight Toxx near the dolyaks, she will rip through all of your defense structures, leaving you unprotected for the next round.
  • Round 1 is probably the hardest as there will be new players not knowing what to do and you don't really have time to set up defense before the toys swarm in
  • Build the ice walls on the ramps that lead to the circular thingie that the dolyaks are standing on top of. The toys cannot jump so they will try get to the dolyaks through the ramp

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