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A guide to useful and fun consumables

A guide to useful and fun consumables by dulfy.

Hey everyone, I am sure by now many of you are aware and actively using some of the more popular consumables (i.e. Ash Legion Spy Kit, Experimental Portal Gun, Ogre Pet Whistle). I want to shed some light on other consumables that may or may not be well known and can be quite useful depending on the situation. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to go back to the low level zones and do some events to unlock them.
Most consumables are not useable in WvW and sPvP unless otherwise specified. I will briefly describe their function and acquisition here and there are more detailed maps and info inside the links.
Most consumable vendors are only unlocked after completing a small chain of events so don't expect to walk in and buy the stuff right away.
  • Ash Legion Spy Kit (invis): Probably the most popular consumable, 10s of invis if you stand still. Very useful in various PvE situations. Purchased for 28 karma in Plains of Ashford near Black Citadel
  • Order of Whispers Spy Kit (stealth): Less used than Ash Legion kit but this one grant you 3s of stealth while moving + blindness to enemies. Purchased for 16 copper in Caledon Forest (near Morgan's Spiral)
  • Effigy Fragment (light source): Can be used in WvW and act as lightsource which are very useful in jumping puzzles with dark rooms. Purchased for 1 silver 4 copper in Fireheart Rise (near CoF entrance).
  • Experimental Teleportation Gun (short range jump + portal): Useful if you need to cross a wide gap on the same vertical plane. Purchased from 32 copper in Timberline Falls
Buffs and Debuffs
These consumables allow you to gain swiftness/fury/might without equipping speciifc weapons/traits (i..e stuck in combat) and apply debuffs to certain bosses without using specific weapon skills /traits (i.e. poison to bosses that heal, and vulnerability + weakness to mobs to make them die faster and hit softer)
  • Depleting Power Crystal (apply 6 stacks of bleed + 5 stacks of vulnerability on foes, 900 range, no CD on use). Purchased in Caledon Forest
  • Grawl Ritual Totem AoE fear with no cooldown, sold by Explorer Kindleblight in Blazeridge Steeps
  • Healing Seed Pod (small heal + regen + condition remover + water combo field): Purchased in Gendarran Fields (near Kessex Hills entrance) for 40 copper.
  • Medical Kit (small heal + condition remover + swiftness & fury for 10s) - Purchased in Iron Marshes (Firewatch Encampment Waypoint) for 16 copper.
  • Medical Pack (small heal + swiftness & fury for 10s) - purchased in Snowden Drifts for 77 karma.
  • Pot of Hylek Poison (swiftness + AoE poison). Unlike the med kits, you do not need to run over the dropped item to gain swiftness (handy in small spaces) and poison is useful for mobs that heal. Purchased in Timberline Falls for 32 copper.
  • Rotten Drake Egg (2 stacks of might per consume): If you spam it, you can get to 16-20 stacks of might. Purchased in Queensdale for 14 karma
  • Skale Venom (chance to inflict weakness + vulnerability on critical hits): Lasts for 10 minutes or until you get downed. Really useful in PvE and can be used in WvW. Purchased in Iron Marshes for 16 copper.
Pets & Turrets
  • Fire Elemental Powder (Ember pet with fire combo field). Pet scales to your level, purchased in Fireheart Rise for 1 silver 4 copper.
  • Ogre Pet Whistle (Random pet - 5 variety) - Purchased in Iron Marhes for 1 silver 4 copper.
  • Deployable Mortar Kit (Temporary mortar that deals AoE attacks to everything in range). Deals around 1k AoE damage. Purchased in Fireheart Rise for 1 silver 4 copper.
  • Mortar Seed Turret (Plant a turret that heal you or damage enemies). Purchased in Caledon forest for 16 copper.
Improvised weapons
  • Charr Mine (explodes and burn foes crossing the mine) - Diessa Plateau - 42 karma
  • Dam Debris (rock with a knockdown) - Queensdale- 14 karma
  • Hylek Blowgun (Poison dart gun) - Sparkfly Fen- 96 copper
  • Miner’s Explosive Charge (Bomb that explodes after 10s with AoE knockdown) - Kessex Hills
  • Fire Bomb (Fire line on the ground that burns foes crossing it). Also known as Molachev Cocktail - Diessa Platuea - 35 karma
  • Golem in a Box (Gliding golem bomb with 1600 range). Deals around 1k AoE damage. Useable in WvW. Metrica Province - 8 copper.
  • Ascalon Tome - Blazeridge Steppes - Used to troll your friends by placing a red AoE storm under their feet. Also deal some minor damage to foes.
  • Fireworks - Rata Sum - 32 copper.
  • Growth Tonic (only 50% increase in size for a few seconds) - Blazeridge steeps - 3 silver 4 copper.
  • Hazmat Suit Transformation Tonic(make you into a non-combat Hazmat suit) - Blazeridge Steppes - 3 silver 20 coper.
  • Hylek Hue Potions - color your character in 5 different shades. Purchased in Sparkfly fens for 80-90 karma
  • Jar of Harpy Pheromones (make everyone love each other) - Blazeridge Steppes - 88 copper.
  • Mini Moa Egg (dancing Moa that lasts for 5 seconds) - Queensdale - 2 silver 16 copper. Pretty cool event with an awesome ending - make sure to watch the asura + moa dance party.
  • Quaggan Tonic (transform into a cute baby quaggan) - Straits of Devastation - 1 silver 28 copper.
  • Seraph Banner - a banner.
I did left out a couple that were not really useful - i.e. Smoke Bomb, Experimental Laser Weapon Variant VL-992

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