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Guild Wars 2 - 2014 Gold Guide

How to Make some Gold in GW2!

Guide by: tyrox92


First of all I want to tell all of you that i may be not the BEST in making money. I just have some strategies on how to make some money with non-TP methods aswell as Trading Post methods. I WON'T tell my exact strategy on how i make my money exactly in the Trading Post with each single Item explained. So if you're just looking for that im sorry to disappoint you.
Please keep always in your mind that every little bit even if its just 1g is something. And you should never underestimate the Value of the small things. You don't have to do big deals and trades where you make multiple hundreds of gold.
Aswell track the stuff you're buying to get a feeling of how much you spend. I know some people who farmed quite a bit money but spent it always on stuff on the Gem Store or some little things and only see their actual gold and are sad that they have that less even if they basically had more if they wouldnt have bought little Items.
But hey! Enough with this Introduction lets get started with this Guide!


Since the "new" Reward System, Dungeons are pretty rewarding. There are some fast Paths you can run to earn some extra money. Dungeons can be fun.
Recommended Dungeons:
  • Ascalon 1-3 (each path 1,76g + 60 Tokens + Other Drops)
  • Sorrows Embrace 1+3 (each path 1,26g + 60 Tokens + Other drops (such as Champion Boxes))
  • Citadel of Flame 1+2 (each Path 1,26g + 60 Tokens + Other Drops)
  • Crucible of Eternity 1-3 (each path 1,26g + 60 Tokens + Other Drops)
  • HotW P1 ( 1.26g + tokens + Other drops) ( thanks to /r/S1eeper )
You don't have to run ALL of these paths or can also do other Dungeons, but these are the "easy and high rewarding ones". Aswell do just as much as you like. For example i almost run every day Ascalon 1-3, Sorrows Embrace 1+3 and Citadel of Flames path 1 which is about ~9g | ~ 360 Dungeon Tokens | Lots of other Drops/ Champion boxes.

II. Daily and Monthly

Doing your Daily/Monthly gives you a little reward Gold/Karma/Mystic Coins/Laurels/Luck/(sometimes extra stuff) I will come to this a little later in this Guide but for now its really important that you get your dailies and monthlies everytime you can. The Laurels are not just good for making money. In fact more and more Items/recipes need Laurels so you might take them. As stated above even if its a little reward it sums up by the time! So dont worry.

III. Guildmissions

Guildmissions are great to make some quick money. Maybe you have already a Guild if not look for a guild which invites players to join the Guild just for Guildmissions. Actually you can get for all rewarding Guildmissions a total of 2g | 6 Guild Commendations | at least 8 rare (or better) Items. Its pretty nice extra money and with the Guild Commendations you you can either use them for stuff on the NPC for Guildstuff (like earrings) or you can convert them into more gold (down below - point "VI.")
For anyone wondering how, /r/guildmissions or check your server forums! ( thanks to /r/S1eeper )

IV. World Events

World events are nice too! You get a least one rare you could salvage for globs of ectoplasm. They're sometimes great for variety to have something differend from time to time.
If you want to know which event is currently running check these Sites.
Click either EU or NA and then click on your server to see the World events and a Timer.

V. Champion Farm Train

This farm method can be boring for some people but i saw some people really enjoying it. In Frostgorge Sound there are some Champions who spawn frequently in an order. So people are running from champ to champ and killing them and repeat that all the time to get some champion chests.
This method is pretty good for people with 2(or more) monitors who want to watch a series/film/anime or do some other stuff in the internet while farming more or less brain afk the champions.
You could go to Malchor's Leap! aswell!

VI. Converting currencys to Gold

This is probably one of the more interesting Parts in this Guide. Basically what we do is converting our different currencys like Karma, Laurels, Guild Commendations... into Gold.
Best way to convert Laurels into Gold is to go to the Laurel Vendor and buy "Heavy Crafting Bag" for 1 Laurel. You gain 3 random Tier 6 Materials every time for 1 Laurel. And the lowest it at ~15s each.
You can also buy 10 Unidentified Dyes for 5 Laurels and gain at actuall Price ~ 60s per Laurel
There are 4 different Methods on converting Karma into Gold.
Nr.1 Lost Orrian Jewelry Box You can visit some Karma Vendors in Orr and buy "Lost Orrian Jewelry Box" for 4550 Karma. It is luck based whats inside but you get some junk / karma and lodestones out of it the junk is sellable to the npc and can give some extra money.
This Method is not worth it nor efficent . Only do this if you need money and have no other stuff to do with your Karma.
Nr.2 Cooking
For some Food you need Karma Ingredients you can buy at the Cooking Vendor next to the Cooking station or at a renown Heart in the open world. This method takes time but can be profitable! You have to take a closer look on the Trading Post and the ingredients and then see if something is profitable or not.
Nr.3 Beaded Weapons
Beaded Weapons! are a great way to make some extra money. You can craft some weapons with the right recipes!. And sell it for some silver on the trading post. Check for price first.
Nr.4 Mystic Forge
All over the world there are Karma Vendors you can Purchase weapons/armor for karma. These items are soulbound but there's a little trick you can "unbound" them. Throw 4 of them into the mystic forge and you will get an item you can actually sell at the trading post. (Or Salvage it for mats + Luck essence)
Guild Commendations:
You can convert Guild Recommendations by simply buying Sentinels Inscription or Gossamer for 80s and 10 Guild Commendations each and sell them for ~10-14g in TP.
Skillpoints can be converted into Gold if you craft a Weapon and sell it on the TP. There are plenty of weapons which need an Eldtrich Scroll (50 Skillpoints) such as Aether. But more of this method is explained in the section "Trading Post" below.
You can also watch here! to convert your Skillpoints in some nice. Thanks to /r/Athyri
Dungeon Tokens:
Dungeon Tokens are a nice way to get some extra money. There are 2 ways to convert them. The first way is to buy Rare armor level 70 or above to salvage them for globs of ectoplasm. The cheapest piece costs 30 Dungeon Tokens and you have a pretty good chance to get ectos from salvaging with a rare salvage kit (~ 0,8 ectos per Item) and use or sell them to make money.
The Second way is to buy exotic armor (180 tokens)/ exotic weapons (210 tokens) and salvage them with an Black Lion Salvage Kit and get their insignia/inscription. And sell them. (Or use them to craft your crafting discipline)[Only if you have BLSK from Dailies]
Dismantleable stat combinations are following:
  • Dungeon Recipe
If you are lucky enough to get dropped a trinket recipe (every dungeon has one), you can use 200 Dungeon Tokens to craft one, and many of those are usually pretty valuable. (thanks to /r/Darkever)
This is another method of converting your Dungeon Tokens into gold. But first of all you need the recipe, and then you have to compare which method is more profitable.
WvW Badges of Honor
There are some people who dont like WvW or dont play that much but have quite a huge amount of Badges since you get some every 500 Accountpoints. Some will have a better use of it but If you have no other use for the Badges and want them to convert into some money you can buy Blueprints and sell them at the trading post. Check whats worth the most and then buy and sell.


Thanks to /r/Ilmatto for mentioning this
You can make some money in PvP aswell by simply playing!
ArenanameWin RewardLose Reward
Custom15 s10 s
Solo25 s12,5 s
Team30 s15 s

Trading Post

So finally the Trading Post part on how to make money. First of all i want to say that i wont say anything about Items im actually trading with. I just show and tell how you can make a little money.
Most important rule in trading is: NEVER EVER Forget the 15% Fee's (5% Listing Fee/10% Tax). SO if you are calculating multiplicate the price you're selling it by 0,85.
For Example if you sell a Weapon for 100g and you list this item you get with this calculation (100*0,85) 85g back (5g listing /10g tax).
Use sites such as to check items pricechange / supply / demand / etc


There are a few ways to use the Trading Post to make money. One of them is Flipping What is flipping?
Basically flipping is pretty fast explained. You order an item for a low price and resell it for an higher price and make profit (dont forget the fee)
So how can we flip an item? There is actually a really good Guide to Flip i'll link them here and i recommend if you want to learn flipping read this guides. I learnt it myself with them aswell

Crafting Items

You can craft items such as Aether to make convert your skillpoints. There are a few of items which require an Eldtrich Scroll (50 Skillpoints) to craft that item. There are some items where the costs of creating that item is lower than what you can sell it for. Now you have to look for an item and what you need for it. And look how much you have to pay for everything and compare the price. For example:
You can craft an item for 300g +50skillpoints and sell it for 500g. You make some money. But always keep in mind that you need a basic knowledge of supply and demand.
You can see more Recipies here!
I'll make an example which will probably work for now. Check prices always on TP So many complained about having no real big deal so ill show you some.
Coming in a few days thenn ill update this!


This is probably the most profitable and dangerous way at the same time. What you do is speculating on an item that it will go up in price. It can be different why you start speculating. For example Admins make a livestream and announce new stuff or changes and you can speculate that this item will go up in price.
Actually there is an item for example which probably works actually:
Recipe: Light of Dwayna and Recipe: Shadow of Grenth these two recipes have low supply and high demand (had high demand before they got pushed by some guy) and the only way to aquire these are to open up Wintersday gifts. Wintersday is over in 2 Days (21st, January 2014) and from there on you cannot drop them anymore. There are still wintersday gifts in the trading post but the chance is so low that even if you would use all gifts you would never create a super high supply.
That means these items are limited and probably will be rare at some time because there's no other way to aquire these recipes. Aswell as they look pretty nice and they're ascended so the chances of these items getting higher and higher in price is pretty good.
So with this method as shown as in the example you can speculate on almost every item in the game.

Last Words

I know i didnt explained everything exactly but i wanted to give you a little hint on how to make money with normal gameplay or tradingpost so you can make a little money. And again i want to point out that i may not be the best in trading and making some money so just tell me if you think im wrong at some point or i forgot something. But this is how i make money. I do dungeons etc etc.
Have a nice day and keep making Money!


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