Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - A Collection of Hints for the Sanctum Sprint Activity

Here is a collection of hints for the Sanctum Sprint activity, I hope you find them helpful.
  • There are two types of powerups, offensive and defensive ones. The defensive powerups are in the taller bags and these are the ones you want to get right after the start. The offensive ones dont bring you much advantage on first part of the track, because others players wont fall down if you hit them. The defensive powerups are "grounded", which is nice to have to counter the attacks of other players, and "aspect master" which is a HUGE advantage on the first part of the track. Aim for the defensive powerups until you get aspect master, and use aspect master + ability 2 on the long straights to get to the front.
  • Once you're in front you will only get "grounded" from defensive powerups or "fake powerup" from offensive powerups, the other ones are deactivated for you as long as you are in first. If you use these right, you have a good chance to win the race. If you see the lightning over your head, use "grounded" to avoid the stun. Fake powerups can be very effective in keeping others far behind you, if you place them right. Place them on tight parts of the track or even better on tight parts of the track where opponents will fall down and cant avoid them like here or here
  • When you approach the wooden gate in the middle part of the track, dont use ability 2 after you get around the corner. The time it takes to run from the corner to the gate is exactly the time interval until the gate turns again. So if you see it closed like here just keep running towards it and itll open right in front of you. If its open as you come around the corner, stick to the left side and prepare to jump over it with ability 1.
  • At this point of the track i recommend the way on the right, if you use the one on the left, you will have to perform two jumps which are a bit tricky / sometimes bugged and you dont save much time on this route.
  • Close to the finish line is a little shortcut which can save you a few seconds and lets you avoid running into fake powerups on the last meters. Coming from the bridge you collect the blue crystal which lets you jump higher Then you jump up here and approach the finish line from the back.

    Via: flamingo_spider

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