Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Sanctum Sprint Guide

Breakdown of power ups and tricks.
  • blue crystals - give small amount of endurance
  • orange crystals - give vigor - and swiftness (source rwknoll)
  • bags - give skill powerups
  • elemental crystals - when not fake they seem to give various powerups based on their color.
Skill abilities
  • Lets you jump.
  • Sprint dodge - you roll forward at a high speed. Note this uses endurace.
  • Lit strike - you jump to a specified area OR use at a lighting rod to jump to the next one (designated by storm clouds on the ground).
  • Aspect master - doubles your jump and sprint abilities; be really careful when activating this on a bridge. - You can end your sprint early by hitting 2 again while in sprint. This lets you use aspect master with impunity.
  • Fake powerup - drops elemental crystals behind you. When picked up by another player it has the gale effect and knocks them down. Use it like a land mine and put it in an unavoidable area like the beams you have to cross before the lightning rod jumps.
  • Grounded - stability and blocks attacks for a few seconds.
  • Gale - can be used to knock a targeted opp down.
  • Lightning rod - can be used to stun an opp.
  • Blinding light - blurs an opp screen for a few seconds (highly ineffective).
  • Light travel - This is the best one you can get. It instantly teleports you to the next checkpoint. Best time to use it is right after a checkpoint. Seriously if you get this use it I ran nearly 7 races before I realized what the heck it did.
Note: If you are hit by another player you lose ALL your powerups so dont hold light travel for too long.

  • Keep 3 active whenever possible ie you have the targetting ring up b/c there are shortcuts you can take with this ability.
  • There are shortcuts you can only take with aspect masters jumping ability.
  • If you are in first you can only pick up "grounded" and "fake power up".
Overall goal  
Outrun the other racers. Essentially your points are given from how far you have run in the race barring bonus points everyone would finish with the same amount of points. Bonus points are awarded based on the finishing order so the first place guy will always have 175 points when he finishes the race.

Via:  overlordchin

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