Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Super Adventure Box Back to School Patch Preview

Hey everyone, as you all probably know, SAB Back to School is coming later today. While alot of info has gone out with th embargo mishap yesterday, I thought I would summarize it for those who havn't seen them yet and put my own spin.

This is just a TL : DR summary, there is also a longer version with artwork hand drawn by my friend and a vine video I stole from Lord Vanquish:

World 1 and changes to loot
  • World 1 will return with all of the achievements. Those who completed it last time will retain all of their achievement and get a King Toad Green Backpack cover if they have completed the meta (new players will do as well)
  • New secret locations added to world 1 for players to explore
  • All chests and dig spots are now account bound daily to prevent mindless farming.
  • Old SAB skins are not returning but the 9 other weapons not shown last time will be coming (Mace, Axe, Warhorn, Focus, Torch, Pistol, Rifle, Dagger, Hammer)

World 2
  • Zone 1 was largely finished from last time but you will need to do it again for the new achievements etc.
  • Zone 2 is distinctively asian themed with mountains, dojos and palaces. It is also more exploratory than other zones with multiple paths you can take. Harder the path better the rewards.
  • Lots of interesting mobs such as ninjas, frogs that swallow you, stealth owls that steal your baubles etc.
  • Less baubles along the main path this time so you will have to really go out and find them.
  • Environment is quite deadly and filled with dart traps on various passages. You will soon learn to watch out for them.
  • Lots of puzzle this time, including one where you need to balance a scale to gain entry to the next checkpoint.
  • Dojo master mini boss that pays homage to Megaman - defeating him gain you a giant glove of wisdom, which allow you to push blocks around to act as mobile platforms or break wooden barriers blocking your path.
  • Push Block puzzle where you need to use your giant glove to push blocks around while avoiding dart traps.
  • Roll a gong from top of a temple to the bottom while using it to block dart traps. Similar to the scene from Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom in the Chinese nightclub.
  • Secret shop that sells Wooden Whistle for 250 baubles that can play a couple songs. 
  • World 3 isn't finished but you will get a sneak peak at it.
Tribulation Mode
  • For those who seeks a challenge, designed for small group of players who find Mad King Clock Tower easy
  • Anything can and will kill you in one hit.
  • Flowers that explode, rocks that jump up and slam you, even checkpoints will kill you. Invisible traps everywhere.
  • Basically force you to find a new path from what you are used to. You are going to die alot and waste alot of lives so you will need to farm baubles.
  • More checkpoints than normal modes thankfully so you don't rage and break something.
  • Full set of green color variant weapons available to those who completed world 1 on Tribulation mode, yellow for world 2 and red/purple for world 3/4 (not in this release).

  • Same achievements in world 2 that have you hunt down secret rooms and collect all the baubles.
  • Complete 13 of the World 2 achievements and you can earn yourself a new title (Honor in Applied Jumping) along with a new backpiece (Storm Wizards’s Backpack Cover).
  • Tribulation mode also have its own separate set of achievements but doesn’t seem to offer any titles or rewards beyond the special weapon skins and the numerous achievement points.

By: Dulfy

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