Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - How to get your first Mini-pet in a few minutes for under one silver by Eirh

There are tons of mini pets you can get, but most of those you can buy at the trading post can be pretty pricey for a new player. Not this one, which you can get for under 1 silver (at least currently, I don't suspect the prices to rise too much). You can basically do this from anywhere, since you only need to buy a few items from the Trading Post. This basically works once you leave the tutorial and have one silver and a Trading post in front of you. You can get this Mini before reaching level 3.

First buy and use the Heirloom Toy Chest which can currently be bought for 6 copper. This unlocks the Wintersday Toy Weapons Collection a collection where you need to get 8 skins. You can see which you need in your achievement panel in the collections tab, but it's really always the same items. So you have to get:

Bell Focus Skin
Candy-Cane Hammer Skin
Pop Gun Skin
Toy Staff Skin
Toy Sword Skin
Slingshot Skin
Wooden Dagger Skin
Princess Wand Skin

Most of these are available for 2-4 copper. Princess Wand is currently at about 30 copper. Once you have all of them you can right click the skins and add them to your collection. Once all 8 skins are added to the collection you will receive a Mini Skritta Claws for your effort. You can also still use the skins on weapons if you want (Don't hesitate, you can always buy the skin later again) It's definitely the cheapest and easiest way to get your first Miniature that I know of.


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