Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - List of Guild Consumables which are (not) carried over into the new system with HoT

In addition to “Guild World Event”, items that will transfer into the new system include:

  • +5% Karma Banner
  • Road Marker
  • Guild Banquet
  • 10% Karma and 10% Experience Banner
  • Guild Heroes Banner
  • Guild Catapult
  • Guild Siege Suit
  • 10% Gathering Bonus Banner
  • 5% Experience Public Banner
  • 10% Magic Find Banner
  • 5% Gold from Kills Banner
  • Vault Transport
  • 10% Kill Gold and 15% Magic Find Banner
  • 15% Gathering and 10% Swiftness Banner
And a few things not carrying over include:

The 24hour – 48 hour guild buffs.
The consumables do not carry over into HoT, and you will not be able to activate them after HoT launch. However, if the guild activates them before launch and they are still active after launch, they will continue to be active until their timers would have run out. If your guild has guild buffs stored up but not active currently, you may want to enjoy a guild buffet with those for the next few days.

The guild mission consumables.
The guild mission items will not carry over. Missions will not need consumables to start.

The Combat and Armor crafting consumables.
These are being removed.


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