Friday, November 6, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - Video for every Adventure (Goldmedal) by Fennec

Hey I did a video for every adventure goldmedal. Hope they help you get gold in all of them too :D

---Verdant Brink---
Tendril Torchers:
Salvage Pit:
Bugs in the Branches:
Flying Circus:
Shooting Gallery:

---Auric Basin---
The Floor is Lava:
Fallen Masks:
On Wings of Gold:
Sanctum Scramble:
A Fungus Among Us:

---Tangled Depths---
Beetle Feast:
Drone Race:
Scraprifle Field Test: (start cut off)
The Ley Line Run:
Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle: Well shit noticed while uploading I didnt do this yet, will upload asap.

Appreciate feedback and hope the vids help.


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  1. Thanks a lot that's an amazing collection. Keep it up