Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Guild Wars 2 - [Video Guide]Heat Room Solo on 6/9 classes by 1up

since I still see a lot of people having problems with the heat room in the Thaumanova Reactor Fractal, I tought I will record some videos the way I do it.

Unfortunately, I was only able to do it with 6 classes. I could't find a way to do it on Ranger, Guardian and Revenant. However, I think, that it would be possible to solo it on Dragonhunter aswell, if your race is Norn. Mine isn't though, so I could't try that out.

Here are the clips of all the other 6 classes:

You can find details about skills in the video descriptions.
Class Hyperlink
Mesmer link
Berserker link
Reaper link
Daredevil link
Tempest link
Engineer link
Druid link
Herald link
Dragonhunter link
Playlist link    

Edit: Thanks to /u/PoorYarga for delivering a Druid, /u/Randommuser for delivering a Herald guide and /u/joaobigger for the Dragonhunter one.


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