Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A few helpful tips for newbies and the uninformed

Without further ado:
  • To set a ping on the map, simply shift + left click on a location on your map/ minimap. may be helpful while partying
  • Draw on the map is simple as well, simply shift + hold the left mouse button and drag it on the map/minimap. many people know this but I figured I'd throw it in for the uninformed
  • You can also put a personal marker on the map for your party members to see. To do this, simply use alt + left click. very useful if I was the party lead and needed to gather everyone in a central place
  • If you get bored with clicking the same button to fire off a skill or spell, you will be happy to know that there is an autoattack option that you can utilize. Simply ctrl + right mouse click a skill and that skill will then become your autoattack letting you repeatedly use the skill without you having to press any buttons. very helpful and something I didn't know about or somehow missed out on
  • To call a target, target something and then press Ctrl + T. This will give party members a message that will allow them to press T to target the same mob. Very helpful for party leaders, don't know if many people utilize this
  • Shift + left clicking an item will link them in the chat. You can also shift + left click a waypoint or skill to link them in chat. I've still seen in chat where people didn't know how to link, so I figured I'd throw this in as well
  • This one is definitely a timesaver for some of us: To take a quick screenshot WITHOUT the UI, simply use Shift + Printscreen. Saves the extra step of hitting Ctrl + Shift + H to disable the UI then hitting again to reenable the UI. The most helpful of all tips, I'm now going to snap screenshots a lot more. Definitely helps speed things up
  • Alt + Left click on an item, skill etc to automatically put it in chat. Instead of shift clicking which just places it in the chat entry box. Alt + click puts it into the chat window without having to hit enter - Special thanks to aNERDon for pointing this time saver out

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