Friday, September 21, 2012

Level 80 Exotic Armor Calculator and Armor Lists

EDIT: I made the whole thing protected. If you want to try the calculator you have to make a copy (File->Make a copy). Once you have a copy you should be able to edit the dropdown boxes (the Primary/Secondary/Secondary column) and all of the stats will update for you.
EDIT2: I made everything but the dropdowns protected. You can change those on the main sheet now, but it's still easier if you make a copy.
EDIT3: I made several copies of the calculator page. If someone is currently editing one, try a different one so you aren't fighting each other.
After spending a bunch of time looking around at all the different armor sets I decided I needed a better way to pick and choose my armor. I tossed together this spreadsheet calculator that has dropdown boxes with all of the stat combinations. When you select a stat setup for a slot it updates the table with the exact stats for that piece, and keeps a running total of your stats from armor at the bottom.
There are also tabs at the bottom with tables listing all of the exotic armor sets (that I know about), where they come from, and what the Primary/Secondary stats are. The best thing to do is use the calculator to figure out which stat setup you want to go with, then cross reference that with the other tabs to figure out where you can get armors with the stats you want. Eventually I would like to have it automatically cross reference the other sheets and list the armor pieces that match your selections on the calculator as well.

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