Thursday, September 27, 2012

Semi casual Guide for gearing lvl 80

I say semi casual guide because there is no intense farming required but if doing it casually it will take probably a month get your full first exotic gear set.
Preliminary 80 set will take a day maybe a few more at most. Also just to add, almost everything in this game gear wise can be gained by just doing which parts you find fun.

Phase 1
So you just hit 80 and you need some gear, first for this guide you need 2-4 gold which you should have by the time you hit 80. If you don’t go do some map completions selling all the stuff it should only take 2-4 maps to get 1-2 gold.
Second thing you need to do is find a build and spec. Look around find something that fits your class and style. From your build you will want to find your 3 main stats are that go with the build. Quick break down is every gear has 1 main stat and 2 secondary stats.
First gear you want to get is your lvl 80 rares and you want to buy them off AH for about 20 silver each, costing around 1.2g for your armor. Also looking into lvl 78 exotics is not a bad idea they are a little more expensive but significantly cheaper than lvl 80 exotics the stats are more limited though.
Buy masterwork lvl 80 jewelry they are about 2 silver each and will be good enough for starting. Costing around 10-15 silver for a full set. Weapons Regardless of the stats I recommend lvl 78 exotics just for the base damage, if you really think the stats will help you more then get the lvl 80 rares. These should be around 50 silver to a gold.
*Runes, don’t go nuts here try to get some that give your stat you want. Just use major’s to save money at the moment. Use the same idea with sigils.
Depending on your weapons it will run about 2-4 gold to get this setup and you are ready to go.

Phase 2
Now you need your full exotic gear set.
First never buy exotic armor on the TP you will get it through playing the game. Then what do you spend your money on? Jewelry
Exotic jewelry is what you want to save up for getting, just buy it off the AH it will cost around 10-15g for a full set. It will take a bit to get but it should be the only thing your spending your money on.
*Armor The armor you need can be gained through almost any method of play.
Dungeon tokens - gained by doing dungeons (don’t need to grind just run 1 or 2 wings a day. 23 days for 1 wing a day, 12 for 2 wings a day, 8 for 3 wings a day)
Karma – gained by doing events and WvW (karma merchants are in PvE areas) This one will take the longest, but if you don't want to worry about other stuff you can do this method it is about 42k karma per piece.
WvW tokens – gained by doing WvW (only power toughness vit gear, this also includes jewelry) This one also takes a long time because you have to be better than other people.
Crafting/gathering – gained by gathering and crafting it, kind of exploring also
Money – if you like farming or TP stuff, or just buying gold from exchange (I put this here even though it’s not what the guide is about)
So for your armor find the stats and do what you want to this will take some time but it should be fun to do, your preliminary gear will be strong enough to keep you competitive.
*Weapons: Weapons are basically the same as above but I recommend buying some after you get your jewelry set, also you can use mystic forge recipes for some slightly cheaper ones. This is also why I recommend getting the lvl 78 exotics, it means you can hold off getting your weapons until last.
Runes: buy them or use dungeon tokens, not a whole lot you can do here. Same with sigils

Phase 3 
Repeat 2 for more specs gear sets and characters.


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