Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tips for those of you just hitting 80

Tips for not being poor and getting on your feet
  1. Don't salvage everything! Blue level 80s can vendor for almost a silver a piece and greens go for about double. Salvaging is useful for obtaining materials that can't be gathered (leather, cloth), but otherwise you'll probably be able to get plenty of crafting materials from nodes. This also has the double value of reducing the amount of salvage kits you're going to need to buy.
  2. You can travel to Lions Arch for free from anywhere by entering the mists, and doing so will save you a lot of silver returning from the Orr areas.
  3. Low level crafting materials you have left over from leveling can actually go for quite a lot on the trading post. Check the prices frequently.
  4. Do World vs World. Contrary to what seems like common opinion, it is not a gold sink. It is incredibly profitable for both gold and karma. You don't even have to spend gold on siege weapons if you don't want to, since they're sold for Badges of Honor on the vendor's second tab. (You receive badges of honor for killing players in WvW and then looting the bag that appears under you).
  5. Follow event chains. The longer you follow a chain, the more players tend to get caught up in the events, the more the events scale up, the more loot you get. Wait around after you finish an event in the later zones. With the exception of defending bases, almost every single event in Orr either has a follow up or is part of a larger chain.
  6. Fast travel as little as possible within the zone itself. Even if you're standing next to the waypoint it'll still cost you around a silver and change.
  7. When using the trading post, don't always just click the 'sell all' or 'buy immediately' buttons. It often pays to list the items for a more reasonable price than people are ordering, or to order for a cheaper price than the item is listed. It'll take longer to see the profits, but you can save a lot of silver.
  8. Explorable dungeons are the opposite of WvW. They are huge moneysinks at the moment, especially with PuGs. If you're hurting for gold, you might want to hold off on them for a little while.
  9. Crafted items are probably the most cost effective rare level 80 armor/weapons. The karma vendors charge a lot and the specific weapons/armor from each of the Orders (Whispers, Vigil, Priory) is quite expensive. Even if you don't have the crafting skill necessary to make the items yourself, you can generally get a good deal if you supply the crafter with the fine crafting components (blood, scales, etc)
  10. Magic find food is cheap and will greatly increase your gold income once you start selling items instead of salvaging them.
  11. If you craft, it pays to use masterwork salvage kits on level 80 rares and exotics you find in Orr. They have a chance at giving a Glob of Ectoplasm which you will use in crafting the highest tier armors/weapons.
  12. The mystic forge is generally not very reliable for upgrades, at least not with random patterns. However, you can use it with dyes, crafting materials, and other such items for a chance at a higher (more expensive) tier.


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