Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Dragon Bash Achievement Guide

Hey everyone, here is a short guide for the Dragon Bash achievements in case you have a use for it.

Note that you cannot get the Holographic Shattered Dragon Wing Cover this week. That wing requires 10 achievements but you can only complete 8 achievements atm.

What you can complete this week:
1) Zhaitasty: Consume 250 Zhaitaffy. Where to get them? a) Dragon Pinatas around the city b) Dragon Holograms in open world zones c) Dragon Coffers from killing normal enemies, holographic minions, Dragon Ball game or from the gemstore
2) Color in the sky: Fire 100 fireworks Where to get them? a) Dragon Coffers b) Buy 1 for 10 Zhaitaffy from the merchant c) Fire Firework Launchers you can find around Lion's Arch especially near Fort Marineer.
3) Paper Dragon: Smash 150 Pinatas - These can be found all over Lion's Arch and various cities. You can use a different character or guesting/overflow to get more.
4) So Lifelike - Kill 300 Holographic Minions - Found by interacting with the Holograms in all open world zones except for Orr.
5) Winner's Circle - Win 3 Moa Races
6) Dragon Ball Devotee - Play 20 Dragon Balls
7) Dragon Ball Boss - Win 20 Dragon Balls
8) Meet the Hosts - Meet 8 Lion's Arch Ship Council members just west of Grand Piazaa in Lion's Arch.

What you can do this weekend
Big Boom in the City

  • Watch 5 minutes of fireworks between 9 AM PST on Friday, June 14 to 9 AM PST on June 17.
  • Rewards Horns of the Dragon helm

What you can do next week (June 18)

  • Burn Down the Dragons
  • Case Closed
  • Ceremonial and Acrimony
  • Hard Boiled
  • Every Piece Matters
  • No More Secrets

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