Thursday, July 18, 2013

ANet's 2013 Plan - New Skills/Traits, Ascended Armor/Weapons, LFG Tool, Crafting to 500, Magic Find rework, and so much more

ArenaNet’s Master Plan for 2013:

  • Ever more Living World content, with much more permanent effects on the world.
  • Return of holiday events, but the focus will be on more permanent and impactful content.
  • New skills and traits for EVERY PROFESSION, as a form of endgame progress.
  • Retooled Champion Rewards Chest to make these bosses more exciting.
  • Dungeon Complete Bonus Rewards to encourage actually completing dungeons for gold.
  • New Crafting Material Rewards for WvW or PVE for all types of content in these areas.
  • Account Magic Find will replace current gear-based Magic Find via consumables and food.
  • Fine and Masterwork Salvages = chance to acquire magic find consumables to raise this.
  • Crafting Professions boosted to 500!
  • With crafting boost comes... Ascended Weapons and Armor to be crafted (or very rarely dropped).
  • Precursors and Legendary Gear Changes + New Weapons and even new legendary gear types.
  • Select the stat combo type you want on your legendary at will, no more transmutations!
  • The WvW Orb Mechanics is going to see its replacement, with more details to come.
  • More rewarding sPVP to line rewards up with PVE and WvW.
  • Queue and Leaderboards for Solo Play, separate from ranked team play.
  • New PVP map types.
  • PVP Legendary Weapon Skins
  • And of course the $10,000 ArenaNet PAX Tournament!
  • Eastern release will usher in new tutorials to explain the game’s functions better in all regions.
  • And last but definitely not least: the brand New LFG Tool is finally coming!

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