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Guild Wars 2 - Guide to getting all HoT Legendary Requirements quickly by blahdot3h

Guide to getting all HoT Legendary Requirements quickly and how I was able to get Nevermore the First Day it was Possible

I have seen a lot of posts around with complaints of either things being too hard, too grindy or stating that there are not enough ways to get either experience or Leyline Sparks in Particular.

Firstly, the requirements for Legendaries. Full Masteries, 250 of every Zone Ascended Mat, and 800 of each Zone Currency.

First recommendation to get these mats / currencies is doing Story Mode on all characters on your account. Here is the breakdown of the resources you get from them.

Personal Story Per Character

  • 30 Airship Oil
  • 20 Auric Dust
  • 15 Leyline Sparks
  • 40 Crystalline Ore
  • (and 1 Viper's Gear Box for those who want/need Viper's Gear)
Full Story Mission Run takes ~2hours.
Once Story Mode has been done on all characters, there are a few things you can do Daily. After doing the Dragon's Stand Event in under 20 minutes, you will get a Ley-Line Converter. Everyday ensure you are using this to make a Chak Acid, as Leyline Sparks are the hardest to get (just because the timing etc. on getting tons of Leyline Crystals can be quite demanding)

Hero Points

Hero Points can be done daily and they will reward the map currency of the zone the bouncy chest are opened on. This means if you are behind on Leyline Sparks / Leyline Crystals, you can do the Hero Point Champs Daily in all zones and open the bouncy chests 6on Tangled Depths (Keep in mind you can only have a backlog of 6 chests before it starts automatically opening them.

Adventures - The best thing you can be doing daily.

Adventures reward a TON of experience as well as map currency as well as a lot of the adventures lead you straight to chests and strongboxes. I highly recommend doing the WvW Dailies everyday for the 20 minute boosters, it is usually easy to get 2-3 20 minute boosters from WvW with relative ease.
Videos for Golds on each adventure, with little practice silver should be doable on most and Gold easily done on some.
Adventure Locations

Use in order to know which zones to go to in order to find open adventures. The zone must be in the lightest color (daytime/meta buildup phase) for most adventures to be open, as well as some require some metas to be complete so showing up later in that cycle will increase the chance it is open. The easy Adventures to farm Gold


  • Bugs in the Branches
  • Flying Circus (Once you get advanced gliding)
  • Tendril Torchers
  • Salvage Pit - opens later in meta cycle
  • Shooting Gallery - Silver is difficult, not one that I usually do


  • Floor is Lava - Aim for Silver as it is easy.
  • Fallen Masks - Aim for Silver
  • Sanctum Scramble - Gold is easy once you learn it, watch video above for an easy route.
  • On Wings of Gold - Very easy Gold
  • A Fungus Among Us - Do not usually do as it's out of the way of my normal route and Silver is difficult.


  • Beetle Feast - Very easy Gold
  • Drone Race - Very easy gold, especially once you have poison mastery
  • Ley-Line Run - Very easy Gold
  • Haywire Punch-o-Matic - Easy Silver once you learn it, gold is impossible. To Achieve easy Silver, combo your 5 and 2 skills to kill large clumps at once. Using your 3 to gap close. I usually start with a 3 forward, then 5 and immediately spam 2 all the way to the back of the map and rinse repeat back down the lane. This awards usually an easy 160 or so.
  • Scrap Rifle Field Test - Do not usually do this one, but once you have it down Silver is very easy, Gold is a struggle and requires a perfect run.
By focusing on just the ones that given an easy Gold, you should be able to finish all of them on either 1 or 2 boosters max. You can have 3 bouncy chests already prior to you popping your booster and then open them immediately for full effect.

If you are using an exp booster on nearly all of your adventures and doing the easy gold adventures + a couple of silver ones. You will be getting 600k+ exp every day (even more if you haven't gotten silver/gold on these before). Use those WvW boosters they help a TON.

Chests and Strongboxes

These can be opened daily per character and are around/near most hero points and can award 2-30 of your given map currency. There is another reddit post around with all of the box locations.

Map Currencies

Outside of doing Adventures and hero points for Map currencies you are going to get these for meta participation and such. You can slightly game this system by using the timer and popping in right before the meta rolls over for each zone. As long as you have a minimum of 20% participation (You get this by doing one hero point champ/vet), you will get currency on the meta rollover (15-50 on rollover), and you can usually do the meta event quickly, biggest one that comes to mind is doing AB as it is a relatively quick event.

You can use this effectively on TD where the Meta rolls over infrequently, by getting at least 100% participation (5 events) prior to the Chak Gerant phase starting, you will get 50 leyline crystals. Upon the event failing you will get another 15, and then the map meta progress will advance quickly as the events start coming in again as well which will reward more. TD has around a 30 minute window where nearly all of the meta rewards for Leyline Crystals are given out, and an hour or so of no rewards so time it right and you will maximize your time.

I'm sure there are things that are missing, but there are a lot of ways to get Exp/Zone mats etc. and widen the opportunities you have to get the things necessary for your Legendary. If you have anymore questions, post them here and I or someone else will answer them.


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