Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Aspect Arena Guide Tips

Some tips for anyone that is just getting started:

  • General tip: don't fight needlessly, focus on snatching crystals or harassing the enemy.
Sun - Best Aspect IMO Focus on the outside crystals, you will have more chances to skill shot unstable nova
  • Sun Beam: Obviously try to get close to maximize, combine with skill 2 and 3 to be more effective.
  • Sun Burst: Blinds, Causes Lightning's Eletromagnetic Pulse to miss
  • Bastion: This skill grants you stability! Use it if you get caught in a lightning electrical storm to walk away freely. Also useful to plop down in mid to harass enemy from capping the crystal.
  • Unstable Nova: This is your bnb killer, turn off autoattack and learn to skill shot blackhole over bridges and open chasms for easy kills.
  • Speed of light: Makes you nearly unkillable, hold down skill 5 to go ~2x the distance. In the middle you can use it to phase through the mystic auras to chase down someone capping. Utilize if you feel like you won't be able to win the fight to get some space and let your 4 recharge for an easy skill shot kill. Esp good to utilize when collecting the outside crystals to blaze past opposition, don't be afraid to jump and let it rip high up, there's NO fall damage!
  • Sun Beam heals teammates it passes through. Use it to damage enemies harassing your crystal carrier and at the same time healing him, making it harder to kill him.
  • Wind Slash: Slows, useful to harass people attempting to cap.
  • Tornado Strike: Can be utilized to knock people of ledges, however sun performs this much easier.
  • Like the wind: Breaks stun and lets you continue moving at regular speed if you are trying to cap. Will also break you out of the blackhole skillshot or to move freely through Electromagnetic Storm
  • Wind Sphere: Any tips for this skill? I didn't follow how to net the extra dmg consistently
  • Assisted Leap: Useful on outside crystals (esp high one) to quickly get to.
  • Use Like the Wind + Assisted Leap to jump up to the middle capture node whilst carrying a crystal.
  • Outside of utilizing Electromagnetic Storm / Shield to ensure your electromagnetic pulse hits I don't have much else to say about this aspect. I've seen lightning tether used to hop to higher areas.
Guide by: BZeeB

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