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Guild Wars 2 - Bazaar of the Four Winds Guide

Bazaar of the Four Winds is a MASSIVE patch. There is a brand new ZONE, new armor skins, new weapon skins, new backpiece skins, two new minigames, a new sPvP map, account achievement rewards, massive scavenger hunt (not for precursors), new crafting mat, new recipes, and a ton of new achievements to get.

1) Account achievement rewards
  • Every 500 achievement points, you hit an achievement milestone and get a chest with gold, laurels and account bonuses etc. (You do not spend any achievement points).
  • Milestones that end in three 0s will give you Zenith weapon skins and those Milestones in high tiers will give you 3 piece armor skins (helm, gloves, shoulders)
  • For each milestone you chose which skin to unlock. Once unlocked, you can withdraw and use that skin infinite amount of times like HOM skins.
  • All of the armor/weapon skins are animated
  • Here are some pictures:
2) Bazaar of the Four Winds
  • New zone east of Mount of Maelstrom. Only here for 4 weeks. Heavy Canthan/Oriental influence
  • You get special movement abilities here that allow you to jump higher, run faster, and pull yourself to difficult places. Basically you are a Ninja.
  • Half of the zone is the Bazaar with various merchants. Other half is a massive airship called Zephyr Sanctum.
  • Massive scavenger hunt here to hunt down 40 sky crystals in hard to reach places with your special skills. Zone has alot of vertical layers so maps are useless and you either have to find them yourself or use a video guide.
  • New diving location high above the sky. Long drop, beautiful scenery.
  • Funny Quaggan has an hourly firework show where he makes alot of jokes.
  • Some pictures of the zone:
3) Sanctum Sprint
  • New racing minigame similar to GW1 Rollerbeetle Racing or Nintendo's Mario Cart. You run on a track with many obstacles that you must overcome and gain power-ups to slow down your opponents.
  • Earn achievements for placing on top and a title for placing first.
  • Video will demonstrate this better:
4) Belcher's Bluff
  • Drinking minigame modeled after one of Order of Whisper's missions. Each sip you take dmg your HP but you can bluff or belch your opponents
  • Permanent addition to the game, played mostly vs other players but you can go around in each of the 5 racial cities to defeat Masters of Om and earn their special moves.
  • If you defeat all 5 masters, you can go up against the Grandmaster of Om Poyaqui and earn a limited time achievement.
5) Skyhammer PvP Map
  • 3-point capture map with a focus on verticality with some added twists
  • Massive cannon that can be controlled by players. Has a powerful attack that does 10k+ damage plus, knockdown and only 6s recharge.
  • Has glass floors that shatter 2-3 seconds after coming into contact with a player. This allow you to create gaping holes in the ground to stuff your opponents in.
  • 2/3 of the objectives are near edge of the map with glass floors. Knockback become super useful here and if you play smart you can win against larger numbers
6) New backpiece and helm skins
  • Limited time backpiece and helm skins purchased with Fortune Scraps. Fortune Scraps are earned from kite fortunes which are looted from kite baskets in the open world or from gemstore.
  • Both backpiece and helm are animated and look really cool.
7) Quartz and Celestial recipes
  • Quartz new resource that can be mined with any mining pick. Each node can be only mined once per account per day.
  • Quartz also obtained from kite baskets in open world zones, sanctum sprint chests, etc so it is really easy to get
  • To make Quartz do anything you need to turn it into a Charged Quartz. It takes 25 Quartz to do that and you need to do it at a place of power (i.e. skill point that allow you to commune with it).
  • You can only make 1 charged quartz crystal per day and they are account bound.
  • New recipes require 5 Charged Quartz per exotic insignia/inscription so prepare to wait 5 days to craft one piece.
  • New celestial recipes can be obtained from Zephyr Sanctum Supply Boxes. Each box has a 100% chance to give you a new recipe and give you some quartz as well.
  • Zephyr Sanctum boxes can be brought with various raw crafting mats or event items like Candy Corn from Halloween or Zhaitaffy from Dragon Bash
  • Celestial recipe allow you to craft gear with bonus to all stats, a stat combo previously only found on ascended stuff
8) Achievement UI revamp & new achievements
  • New UI interface for achievements, easier to use, more flashy
  • Summary page where you can get your rewards, see which one you just completed, and see which achievements are near completion
  • Watch List page where you can easily add/remove achievements for tracking
  • Lots of new achievements with the Bazaar of the Four Winds event. Some are related to the scavenger hunt, diving, minigames mentioned before while others require you to find stolen kites in existing puzzles, dungeons, fractals not unlike the caches in Sky Pirates.

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