Monday, October 7, 2013

Ascalon, Kryta, Maguuma, Orr & Shiverpeak Explorer Achievement Guide

Guide by: Rage321

A slow news day, so I figured I'd re-release this guide for those that missed it or didn't know its existence.

Commonly Missed Areas on the Map

All info gathered from HERE. Alternatively, you can use THIS LINK.
Achievement Name Details
Ascalon Exlorer 176\176
Shiverpeak Explorer 175\175
Maguuma Explorer 167\167
Orr Explorer 60\60
Kryta Explorer 175\175

NOTE: Quickest if you have two monitors, but not completely necessary.
  • Closest to you 100% Map Complete character as possible, (you don't need WvW maps)
  • For each map, click each sub-region to go to that sub-region's wiki page.
  • Compare the sub-region's map to your own main map to see if you have the area listed.
  • If so, move on to the next one. If not, get your robe and wizard hat on and start exploring!

Plains of Ashford Devourer's Mouth Facula Castrum Abbey Ruins Windrock Maze Lamia Mire

Diessa Plateau Holystone Caves The Wurm's Gullet

Fields of Ruin Belag Crossroads Flameroot Caverns Highden Caves Last Stand Shelter

Blazeridge Steppes Agrak Kraal Crater Rim Foulblain Expanse Hazmagic Aggregate InGenium Research Facility Shattered Palisades Tongue Rock
Iron Marches

Fireheart Rise Sweltering Canyons Cozen Desolation Onager Bivouac Rebel's Seclusion Vexa's Lab


Wayfarer Foothills Doldenvan Passage Shaman's Rookery Cragstead - (GO IN AGAIN)

Snowden Drifts Griffonfall Jotun's Vista

Lornar's Pass Griffonrook Run

Dredgehaunt Cliffs Betrayal Grounds De Molish Post Heimdahl's Last Stand Rat's Run Ulukk's Hunger Forsaken Halls Tribulation Caverns
Timberline Falls Bynebrachen Pythian Point Tail of the Serpent Lair of the Coil Sector Zuhl

Frostgorge Sound Glacial Collapse


Caledon Forest The Rowanwoods Dreamdark Enclave

Metrica Province Golemagical Institute The Serpentwind Fisher's Beach Bend Calx's Hideout
Brisban Wildlands Aurora's Remains Proxemics Lab

Sparkfly Fen Ocean's Gullet Verarium Delves Shimmerstone Cave Shattercleft Hills
Mount Maelstrom Magmatic Conjury Unguent Den Cubular Fells Dierdre's Steps

Straits of Devastation Sea of Elon Zho'qafa Catacombs
Malchor's Leap

Cursed Shore Promenade of the Gods The Artesian Waters

Queensdale Eastern Divinity Dam Lake Delavan Windloss Delves Demongrub Pits Beggar's Burrow
Kessex Hills Alakess Ledge Dominion Killing Zone

Gendarran Fields Newbeach Bluffs Provernic Crypt The Lawen Ponds

Harathi Hinterlands Diremane Woods Hidden Ourobon Ourobore Caves

Bloodtide Coast Momoztli Grounds Captain's Cut Dredgehat Isle Mistarion Beach Chantry of Secrets - (GO INSIDE)
Southsun Cove Seashell Hills Southsun Strait          

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