Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Data Mining] Removed-, unused - and forgotten models from way before release

Source: that_shaman
Hello everybody!
Inspired by /u/WoodenPotatoes video "Guild Wars 2 in 2009" I decided to take a closer look at one special DAT file I've archived and tried to find things that have been removed before launch.
To get things started I've extracted a large number of models, and tried to make them look pretty by manually shading them:

Players and NPC
Female Sylvari123One of the original Sylvari designs, just an elf with glued on leaves
Male Sylvari123The male version with even less texture quality
Tengu123This model has been replaced by the blue Tengu (basically a reskin of the red)
Random Mobs and creatures
Fern hound12Alternate take on the ranger pet
Juvenile ogre12Less rugged version of an ogre
Stalker12Scarecrow like plant being, vaguely resembling an enemy from GW1
Kappa1A friendly looking fellow resembling an enemy from GW1
Goblin1Long arms, sharp teeth
Green drake1Smooth skinned drake
Underwater creatures
Blue Leviathan123The largest blue monster you'll never encounter
Brown Leviathan123The largest brown monster you'll never encounter
Manta ray12Large gliding beast
Dragon1This dragon can be seen in the first trailer and on old Arah maps
Giant123Has been replaced by a much sleeker version
Boar1Not for consumption
Brute A12Can be found in the 2009 Concept Art book
Note: I've tried my best to verify that these are not in game (big thanks to /u/WoodenPotatoes for helping me out behind the scenes!), but if you do know where to find them please let me know!
Update These have been identified, thanks everybody!
Original Description
Derpy1,2The best creature in the world has been found!
Light Armor1,2Gone for good but lives on as a transformation in AC
Heavy Armor1Helmet has become part of the cultural armor, shoulders and gloves have been removed from game Identified
Light Armor1Shoulders have been removed from game Identified as Deathly Bull Skin
Brute B1,2Big and ugly Identified as Subject Alpha
Brute C1Even bigger and uglier Identified as Legendary Risen Priest of Melandru
Icebrood1,2A grim version of an ice brood Identified as Bjarl the Rampager

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  1. Brute A 1, 2 Can be found in the 2009 Concept Art book

    Found out that it's unfinished Risen Abomination from personal story about storming and interrupting ritual of Abominations creating. Corpse is laying on the ground in place where we engage last group of monsters, it's not interactable.