Monday, March 2, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - Compact Dungeon Farming Guide by GW2_Godsbane

Hello everyone, I made this for my personal usage and thought the community may find it useful.

This is intended to be helpful to New Players, Returning Players, those without PvE Experience, etc. Hardcore runners and PvE Veterans will likely not find this useful, however you will probably have better data input for me!
  • Gold Earned (Excluding Drops) assumes only the Daily Bonus (DB) from the path, and the 20S completion reward. (i.e. 1.55G per AC path, 1.50G per SE path)
  • Gold Earned (Including Drops) estimates DB+(DB*.50) received to account for Champ Bags, Trash Drops, Salvages, etc.
  • TA Aetherpath, SE P2, CoF P3, and Arah P4 have been excluded because the time spent for a casual runner is usually not worth the reward.
It's color coded as follows currently:
  • All Reds doable with PUGs in 1-2 Hours
  • All Yellows (+All Reds) doable with PUG's in 2-2.5 Hours
  • All Blues (+All Yellows & + All Reds) doable with PUG's under no time constraints

TLDR: Dungeon spreadsheet to help figure out what to run or spend unneeded tokens on. Not guaranteed to be "meta" or "the best".

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