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Guild Wars 2 - How to farm Loot Bags & Kills in Obsidian Sanctum by exritualist

Depending on the numbers participating you can expect to get between 2k to 3k kills in 30mins, this makes it easily the smartest way to get the Ultimate Dominator title. It is also a good money maker, competitive with the best farms in the game. You should get 100 Heavy Loot Bags during this time and depending on turn out and your magic find you may get as high as 200, you'll also get a lot of other drops. It's common to get at least 1 exotic in 30mins which could be a precursor, in the first 2 weeks of this farm there were 21 confirmed precursor drops in our guild alone.

This farm uses the fact that all sides have a waypoint very close to each other in OS, put a symbol down on the flag for AoE. Give yourself retaliation and run into all the stacked AoEs. Standing in the AoE will tag every enemy that had an AoE down due to your retaliation having no target cap. When they die you will get loot. When you die use the waypoint run in again and repeat. All players should remove all armour and any trinkets that have power as a stat. You don't need to do a lot of damage to tag. Doing smaller hits (no power) means more players will get a tag on each player before they die, more loot for everyone is a good thing.

No power on gear = More hits to kill a player = More people can tag that player = More players get loot and kills. Standing in the AoE with retaliation alone will get you more tags than attacking from the outside.

  • A cooperative partner server that also wants to farm a lot of loot and kills.
  • A level 80 Guardian / Elementalist / Necromancer
  • Be completely naked, remove or bank all of your armour and trinkets. (Remove all power stat)

  • Sigil of Luck. (This will give additional retaliation)
  • Sigil of Speed. (To get swiftness and back into the fight faster)
  • Magic find food/buffs.

Set up the flag in the middle if all 3 servers are participating, you want the flag to be between all 3 spawns while far enough from red so they don't enter the AoE still invulnerable.
Guardian Running Build:
  • Guard Build
  • Place [Symbol of Swiftness] on the flag.
  • Activate retaliation and run inside the AoE. (Virtues should also activate retaliation)
  • Activate aegis when next to enemies to AoE when it breaks.
Necromancer Running Build:
  • Necro Build
  • Cast [Corrosive Poison Cloud] or [Well of Suffering] while running in. (not both)
  • Focus on summoning your [Bone Fiends] while inside the AoE
  • Enter [Deathshroud] to gain retaliation.
Elementalist Running Build:
  • Ele Build
  • Camp fire attunement and cast [Lava Font] on the way in.
  • Dying in the AoE will drop a lava tomb.
  • Don't use [Meteor Shower], it's too slow. (you get less loot & kills)

This is more effective than the run farm, it will get you more kills and loot, however it can only be done by 2 servers at any time. If Red vs Green you can locate the flag very close to the spawns; this is much more effective than the middle flag as you can jump straight down from the spawn point onto the AoE stack. In doing so you will take falling damage allowing you to use the Guardian trait Protector's Impact. Green can have a harder time landing correctly, but it can be done.
If you are Blue You cannot take falling damage and should therefore use the elementalist instead as it relies on death instead of fall damage. 

Guardian Jumping Build:
  • Guard Build
  • Jump or leap and land on the flag to trigger protectors impact trait.
  • When your Aegis breaks you get retaliation (Aegis is refreshed when you revive, don't use Virtue of Courage)
  • Give retaliation and other boons to your allies
Elementalist Jumping Build:
  • Ele Build
  • Camp fire attunement and cast [Lava Font] on the way in.
  • Dying in the AoE will drop a lava tomb.
  • Don't use [Meteor Shower], it's too slow. (you get less loot & kills)
Necromancer Jump Build:
  • Necro Build
  • Summon a minion and when you or they die [Death Nova] will activate leaving a low damage AoE
  • Enter [Deathshroud] to gain retaliation and stability.
  • Leave [Deathshroud] to die and get back in quicker. (to make full use of the [Death Nova] trait) (This is not as effective as the other two builds, but it still works ok)

Competitive with the best farms in the game and the smartest way to progress Realm Avenger and the Ultimate Dominator title.
  • Bags of loot spawned at your location containing random items including:
  • Heavy loot bags (containing tonnes of tier 5 and 6 materials)
  • Badges of Honor
  • Bottles of WXP
  • Lots of rare and masterwork items (salvage the cloth / vender the rest)
  • Higher than average chance for rares, exotics and precursors!
  • Spikes
Note: You receive items and bags at your character level or lower. e.g. A level 80 player killing lvl80s gets lvl80 loot / A level 80 player killing lvl50s gets lvl50 loot / A level 50 player killing lvl80s gets lvl50 loot

After about 30 - 40 minutes of OS farming you will hit diminishing returns (DR), this will give significantly less loot until you get nothing at all. So you should end your event when the majority of people start to get DR.
To remove DR you need to actively play the character you just farmed on in other areas of the game for about 20 minutes .e.g. Open world events / Map completion / Personal or Living story / Dungeons or fractals / PvP ... etc
Note: DR is character based, so you can relog to another character and continue farming without DR, but you will have to remove DR from both characters later on as it persists through logout.

  • This farm does not affect matchup scoring in any way.
  • So far it has not affected the GvG scene or people attempting the jumping puzzle.
  • Farming here does not break any rule or ToS.
  • There are methods already in place to prevent over farming. (diminishing returns)
  • All mechanics tied to this farm have been in the game and untouched for over a year.
  • People have been doing this farm in small groups before, only recently it has been organized enmasse.
  • We have reached out to Arenanet weeks ago and asked, no comment.

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