Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Guild Wars 2 Guide - Fractal Trios [Skady]

This post might be helpful for those of you who interested in getting into FOTM trios and also for those who are looking to make FOTM pugging easier and less painful.

Our team comp evolves around lvl 50 FOTM trio runs which can be consistently done in under 30min with just a little bit of practice.

The following comp proved to be the most efficient:
  • Staff ele (main source of DPS)
  • Thief/Engineer (blinds, stealth, boon strip)
  • Healing Tank Guardian
The main idea of this team comp is to keep bosses locked down on a guardian while other 2 guys can stay behind and focus purely on DPS. Since kiting is not a thing anymore you won’t lose any DPS due to bosses moving out of AOE. You also gonna have lots of sustain and blinds to pull all the trash mobs at the same time to burn them down quicker etc.

Details on builds and specific tactics used in particular encounters can be found on my youtube channel:

Hopefully this can be useful for someone




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