Monday, August 17, 2015

Guild Wars 2 Guide - Easy Dailies [by Chill_AxE]

So in the past year, since the current daily system was introduced, my Guild and I decided to create a simple guide to find locations to do your dailies easily. This guide was done on our private forums, but now I post it here so others may use and even contribute towards it. The moment the forums were made private, we got a lot of applications just to see this guide:

This guide is for PvE only, since PvP and WvW is easy enough.

Regional Gatherers

World Bosses:
Guild Wars Temple

Event completer:
Easy enough, just go to the specified map and do events. A good tip is to use the Content Guide with Disabled Personal Story.

Vista Viewer:

 Activity Participation [Wiki page]

Again, these are methods that work, but aren't perfect.

Enjoy easy dailies



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