Friday, August 28, 2015

Guild Wars 2 Video - Guide to The Silverwastes [Super Mega Happy Fun Time]

This video will teach you how to be most effective in Guild Wars 2's Silverwastes zone: how the map works, how to complete events, how to fight bosses, and more.

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(00:06) Introduction
(01:00) Map Basics
(02:03) Enemies (Mordrem) - Husks, Slingers, Teragriffs, Menders, Trolls, Thrashers, Wolves
(03:44) Foothold Phase - Map Events, Rubble Events, Legendary Bosses
(06:00) Breach Phase - Troll (Amber), Thrasher (Blue), Teragriffs (Indigo), Husk (Red)
(08:24) Vinewrath Phase - Lane Defense, Troll Beekeeper, Thrasher, Teragriff
(11:10) Time Out / Pacman Phase - Champ Run, Nightmare Chest
(13:14) Chest Farming

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If you'd prefer a text guide, Rashy put together a truly epic guide on Reddit which has information above and beyond what we were able to include in this video guide:

You can reach me in-game at timmyf.1490. MEGA's home on the internet is

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