Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - Information on F2P account restrictions by Psifrost

Effective immediately (RIGHT NOW immediately), the base Guild Wars 2 is free to play.

Link to forum post here:

ArenaNet claims that Guild Wars 2 will not be changing its business model, game experience, or gem store, as a result of Free To Play.

Information on F2P account restrictions:

  • Free accounts will start with 2 character slots and 3 inventory bag slots
  • Free players can only start a new whisper conversation every 30 seconds.
  • Mailing items to other players will be restricted.
  • WvW is locked until a one character reaches level 60. At this point, it is unlocked account-wide.
  • F2P players will not be able to use map chat.
  • Characters are restricted to the starter maps until level 10
  • Lion's Arch is locked until a character reaches level 35
  • No guild bank access
  • No masteries
  • There are no leveling restrictions All F2P accounts will be able to level to 80.
  • Squad Chat locked until level 30
  • LFG locked until level 30
  • In PvP matches, all chat modes except for team chat are locked, including emotes
  • Chat in PvP lobby locked until level 20
  • Daily Login Rewards are disabled
  • Gold-to-Gem exchange disabled, Gem-to-Gold is available
  • Trading post is limited to a select list of items (List unreleased as of now)
  • Free accounts are unable to post on the forums
  • All gem store items that are usable by F2P players are available to be purchased (ex, Glider Skins are not purchasable, as gliding is not available for f2p)
Detailed account comparison here:

All currently existing accounts will receive the "Royal Guard" outfit via mail. Picture of the outfit on humans here:


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