Monday, December 7, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - Fractal Backpiece Precursor Unbound (Video Guide) by GuideRanger

Stage 1 Finite Result

Stage 2 Upper Bound

Stage 3 Unbound

Total Cost to make Unbound Backpiece it costs you 461Gold 23Silver and 20 Spirit shards
Also if you didn’t make the Fractal Capacitor (Infused) then you have to add 82Gold 50Silver
Total of 543Gold 73Silver to spend to make this.

Pristine Mist Essence x5 Total Cost 225 Gold 74 Silver
Essence of Luck x50 = No Cost
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy x5 = 225Gold
Thermocatalytic Regent x50 = 74Silver

Unbound Wings Total Cost 10Gold 49silver and 20 Spirit Shards
Globe of Ectoplasm x25 = 8Gold 25silver
Shards of Crystallized Mists Essence x5 = No Cost
Vision Crystal x1 = 2Gold 24Silver
Augur’s Stone x1 = 20 Spirit Shards

Third Order Mist Frame Total Cost 225Gold
Spiritwood Plank x5 = 70Gold
Deldrimor Ingot x5 = 45Gold
Elonian Leather x5 = 50Gold
Bolt of Damask x5 = 65Gold

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