Saturday, December 5, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - Vale Guardian | Guide on completing first boss by BlueOwlz

KILL OF THE VALE GUARDIAN! Finally, i know there are some who recorded it as well, but here it is how we did it, with some tips in the video as well.

I know you will say, this dude is clicking his skills, and yes i am, got a new keyboard and cant get used to it yet so i didnt want to miss on my skills so i rather clicked on everything to be sure i do my job :D

As for the tactics on killing it, as i mentioned in the video, what is really important is to have people who are geared up. NOT all ascended equip is not a must BUT at least a mix of ascended with exotic gear is preferable due to high dmg from the BOSS and other creatures in the Raids content.

THE TANK! This dude should have high toughness, ranging from optimal 1700 to 2000, and if for example the tank would have 1800 toughness, and someone else would have 1850, the agro from the primary tank in tje group will be broken on to the next person with highest toughness, so make sure in your raid to know who has the highest toughness and will be the tank for the vale guardian.

Condi, 2-3 people can go condi in the vale guardian boss. In this case as seen in the video i play a necromancer, and as a condi its important to apply conditions every time you can. Also as a condi make sure to be ready on Split phase on the vale guardian to be on the RED Boss or RED PILLAR! for maximum efficiency. Blue BOSS will have protection so to group on blue boss should have boon removal, and the Blue Boss will have green circles that require people to be on it and accurate. Green Boss can have one person to keep it occupied while the blue pillar or blue group gets the Blue boss pretty low, then the green boss should be taken into the Blue boss territory for a dual kill of the blue and green bosses, afterwards if the red boss is not yet dead, everyone will join on the red one, and kill it .

GREEN CIRCLES! Very important, dedicate 4 or 5 people to follow up on the green circles at ALL TIMES! and these should usually be condi people in the raid, can have a tempest for some heal or a mesmer for pushback on the seekers.

ROTATION! After each split phase, the Vale Guardian will will make rotations, you will notice this one one third of the circle map will light up with a color, usually reed green or blue, if you are on one of these colored parts, you are most likely to DIE, so make sure you rotate accordingly with the vale guardian. Only exclusion can happen if a green circle appears (and yes, sometimes it does) appears on this part of the map, you WILL have to stand on it.

BLUE CIRCLES! The tank should be the called, if the tank calls a BLUE, make sure to check your position and Dodge it! If you dont, you will be ported to a random part of the circled map and this causes you to loose damage, and you need damage since you have a timer on the whole boss event.

Practice, focus and learn mechanics, once you learn how vale guardian fights, it will tend to get easy!

I hope this was of some help to all of you guys as its not an in dept detailed description since dulfy already made one, but if you would require any additional information, don't hesitate to ask! :)


Oh and BTW, once we get the second boss as well, will post a video with some tips again on how to get it done! :)

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