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Guild Wars 2 - Tips for Winter Wonderland by AgvirtheSilent

Winter Wonderland
also known as how to get carpal tunnel
Try to position your camera top down (looking down) so it's easier to measure your jumps.

Part 1: Snowflakes
There are 3 paths you can choose from for the puzzle; all of them are more or less equivalent. After the first person jumps on the first snowflake, they start to disintegrate after a few seconds, so you have to keep moving.
Ideally you should always be pressing forward and jumping, except for a few parts.

  • You need to pause at the candy cane jumps. Here you take small jumps or do side jumps and hold the right or left direction longer than a normal small jump.
  • You may also need to pause at the tiny snowflakes so you don't run off.
  • If you catch up with the respawning snowflakes from someone further ahead than you, you will need to break between each snowflake as well.
  • INVISIBLE SNOWFLAKES: This appears to be a client side problem where the respawning snowflakes didn't load in the texture correctly. If it is one or two missing, you can jump where you know where they are and continue. If there are more missing, you may need to wait for the disintegrating ones behind you to catch up so they ones ahead will load in. This is tricky because you will need to jump as it is disintegrating beneath you.
Part 2: Presents
Here at the camp fire, you have to climb a mountain of exploding presents. As soon as the first person jumps towards the presents (even if they get close and miss) they will start disappearing. You have to be jumping with the first person (or shortly thereafter) otherwise you will not make it. You have to keep jumping then pressing forward to make it to the top in time.

  • If the blue presents are at the bottom, I recommend jumping one left of center, which you climb to almost the top then jump one column to the right and up.
  • If the presents are in the process of respawning, wait until the bottom red presents have spawned and just try to go up the middle. You may need to swerve left or right occasionally to make it to the top.
  • When a present shakes, it is about to explode. If you are not already in the process of jumping to it (jump RIGHT AWAY off it) or standing on it, you probably will not make it.
  • The more you have to jump one column to the right or the left to avoid a hole/exploding present, the less likely you will make it to the top. The most I've done and made it was 2 columns.
Part 3: Snowball Mountain
This is the final area to the end of the jumping puzzle. It is better to be patient here and wait 1 rolling snowball worth of time than dying here. At the beginning dodge roll to the small peppermint circle to avoid the wind from the snowman to the right knocking you off. Climb down the candy cane and wait for a rolling snowball (or run if it just passed you at the bottom). Now you use the safe zones of the peppermints on the sides to avoid the incoming rolling snowballs. The zones you will use are right (after the candy cane), right (after the left turn), and left. Once you make it to the presents/candy cane at the end it is a straight shot to the end of the puzzle.

  • I recommend jumping on the first peppermint of the pair to the right then jump to the second instead of directly to the second just to be safe.
  • The way I gauge a safe spot on the second peppermint is the knick in the third to the last swirl, if you are at it or above it you are safe. Do not go all the way to the right of this peppermint else you will get hit by the snowman wind.
  • Remember that the skritt red aoe snowballs are not necessarily in sync with the rolling snowballs (even across one instance).
  • When you make it to the final stretch, take a second or two break at the second blue present. The rolling snowball still can swipe you on the first present. Also stopping here lets other people jump ahead of you so you won't be distracted by them.
  • If you feel like you are behind on timing, use a dodge roll to make up for lost time.
  • Yes, you can dodge the skritt red aoe snowballs.
  • INVISIBLE ROLLING SNOWBALL: This appears to be a client side problem where the texture and animation for the snowball is left further up the hill (past the left turn). You can and will get hit by this invisible snowball if you walk into it. Generally the rolling snowball goes past around the time the skritt red aoe snowballs hit the mountain near the candy cane. If you do not see a rolling snowball around this time, I recommend using left click to pan your camera to look up the hill. When one coming down the hill touches the upper most side of the peppermint after the turn, it is safe to proceed to avoid the invisible snowball.


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