Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Guild Wars 2 - Scrapper PvP Tips: For and Against by SpectralDagger

1) The Electro-whirl reflect starts about halfway through the one second cast time. That means you can use it against Precision Strike from Revenants if you respond quickly enough. It's also strong versus Bristlebacks, Dragon Hunter's True Shots, and Longbow Druids.

2) Rocket Charge is a very versatile skill. It's good for mobility, damage, and utility. Keep in mind that there are breaks between the evade frames after you land. If you use it in a Lightning field (like Thunderclap or Final Salvo) you chain daze them. Using it in a water field will heal you significantly. You can get a full three leaps in your Cleansing Burst or one in your Regenerating Mist. At the start of a fight, you want to use it in your Super Elixir to stack Light Aura for Retaliation damage.

3) Shock Shield deals a lot of damage on top of being a block, so try to use it at melee range.

4) Thunderclap is a ranged AoE stun. It's very useful for stopping rezzes, and is uniquely suited to countering a Druid's Search and Rescue.

5) With your relatively high crit chance, Bunker Down drops a lot of Med Kits. Make sure to pick them all up.

6) Automated Medical Response will reset your heal for your first Elixir S proc, but it can be risky to use it immediately out of the invuln in case they are setting up an interrupt. It's generally better to evade or cast Electro-whirl before you drop your Healing Turret unless you get behind LoS with the Elixir S.

7) You can stow cancel Acid Bomb by weapon swapping just after you cast it. This reduces the after cast, but should only be done against enemies you want to stay at melee range to. On top of that it's a blast finisher and can be used for higher mobility.

8) The Tranquilizer Dart applies weakness, so if you're closing in on a power-based opponent, be sure to auto attack in Elixir Gun to mitigate significant damage.

9) Defense Field is instant cast, so it should be used after the projectiles are already in the air. That way they can't stow cancel upon seeing the relatively large animation. The effect also persists about half a second after the animation disappears. Bear this in mind when chaining it into Electro-whirl so you aren't wasting reflect uptime.

10) People can generally tell where you are after a Stealth Gyro by following the gyro. You can confuse them by using jumping puzzles that the gyro can't follow along. It means you'll miss the next stealth pulse, but the gyro will lead them the other way as it tries to manually walk around.

Based on this meta Scrapper build:

Tips against Scrapper
1) Many Scrappers nowadays are running Final Salvo. The gyros exploding does significant damage, but the fields (the ones that look like Static Fields) do not. Feel free to stand in them. The only thing you need to look out for is the Scrapper using Rocket Charge through them, as it will daze you with
each strike. Do note that the field generated by Thunderclap is still a threat.

2) The same oil slick from Slick Shoes can't knock you down twice. If a Scrapper hits you with Slick Shoes, stunbreak, then exit the shoes through the slick that hit you. It can be hard to identify at first which hit you, but having an educated guess is important in avoiding burst.

3) Learn the animation of Acid Bomb. It deals massive damage, but it doesn't have the same AoE circle animation as most damaging attacks. It's a black poison cloud.

4) Stow cancel any projectile skills if they use Electro-whirl or Defense Field.

5) Rocket Charge is not a continuous evade. The Scrapper will take damage during the pauses between the leaps. If you time it right, you can land hard hitting skills like True Shot, or even just knock them out of the skill.

6) Shock Shield hurts like crazy. Don't ignore it just because it's a block as well.

7) Stealth classes can dodge the Detection Pulse to stay in stealth.

8) The Stealth Gyro will generally show you were the Scrapper is going in stealth. However, be careful near ledges. The gyro will walk the long way around if they do a jump, so just be aware of your surroundings and what could cause the gyro AI to do what it's doing.

9) Most Scrappers run both Automated Medical Response and Self-Regulating Defenses. That means that their passive Elixir S will proc before they can cast their reset heal. Time an interrupt just as they come out of Elixir S to stop their heal.

10) Be sure to kill Bulwark Gyro quickly, while watching out for the Final Salvo. It reduces physical damage by 50% until it dies.

Note: Scrapper builds do vary somewhat in regards to the Amulet (Marauder vs Paladin), Scrapper Grandmaster trait (Adaptive Armor vs Final Salvo), 3rd utility skill (Bulwark Gyro vs Elixir B), and the elite (Sneak Gyro vs Elixir X). Make sure you know what you're facing, as it affects the match ups greatly. For example, Elixir B is stronger versus conditions, but Bulwark Gyro give strong match ups versus Dragonhunters and Heralds.


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