Friday, February 8, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Mesmser Support Guide

Mesmer Support Guide by: Hiname

Hello and good day or evening.
Today I want to share with you with you my personal way of playing my mesmer.
People have two oppinions of the mesmer... They are either "zomfg OP!" in every PvP enviroment, or Time Warp bots in dungeons. Well, for the later category, you might be the people who have the most of a blast with this build I want to present today.
I don't know if it is new, I don't know if it is inovative in any form whatsoever, but I want to share my little piece of joy with you.
I call it, Boon-Booze... yeah yeah, I know, name pending.
So, what is this about?
Firstly, details of gearing.
You will need: Carrion equipment. Conditions will be something of a sideeffect of what you will do.
2 Superior Runes of Water - +25 Healing, +15% Boon Duration
2 Superior Runes of the Monk - +25 healing, + 15% Boon Duration
"MAJOR" Runes of the Sanctuary - +15 Vitality, + 10% Boon Duration
2 Superior Sigils of Battle - Gain 3 Might when switching to this weapon in combat.
1 Superior Sigil of Corruption - Gain condition damage upon slaying an enemy.
A scepter.
A staff.
A focus.
Everything together? Brilliant, then let us have a closer look at the traits.

10 Domination
VI: Signet Mastery - Signets recharge 20% faster.
You will need your one signet a lot. This one will be your best friend.
Chaos 30
V: Debilitating Dissipation - Clones apply a random condition when they are killed.
Your clones will die, fast and ahrd and not always reach their target, they might just as well make some use for them.
X: Chaotic Dampening - +50 toughness while holding a staff, 20% reduced staff cooldown.
Your staff skills will be your bread and butter. Hands down.
XI: Bountiful Interruption - Gain a random boon when interrupting an enemy.
For that sweet little twist later.
Illusions 30
V: Master of Misdirection - Confusion you inflict lasts 33% longer.
Conditions, hooo!
VII: Illusionary Elasticity - Bouncing attacks gain an additional bounce.
For your bounding staff goodyness.
VIII: Dazzling Glamours - Glamour-Skills blind enemies in their radius.
Because Feedback, Null-Field and all the others are cool.

Now, where does all this take us?
With your runes, your traits and an active Signet of Midnight, you stand at 80% Boon Duration. Now pop a Omnomberry Chocolate Cream and you have +100% Boon duration!

Now, after combat against a group of enemies has been initated, a good pattern of actions could look like this:
  1. Run up to the enemy, drop Chaos Storm so it does affect you,the enemies and every character in melee range.
  2. Let the random boons stack on you while you summon your Phantasmal Warlock.
  3. Use Phase Retreat to summon up another clone.
  4. Shatter the clones to trigger Shattered Strength.
  5. Swap to your scepter and focus while the clones shatter.
  6. Drop down Temporal Curtain.
  7. Trigger it again to pull enemies towards the rupture.
  8. Gain random boons by, hopefully, interrupting as many of them as possible.
  9. Steal some boons via Arcane Thievery.
  10. Hit your Signet of Inspiration.
  11. Squeel in joy when seeing your array of boons pop up in the entire group, putting your stacks of Might on top of theirs.
You might not be a tremendous DPS-Beast, but with this, you should be able to easily uphold ~10 Might in the group and let the rest of your companions show the enemies who is boss around the dungeon.
Me, as a person who has a genuine blast from playing support-heavy characters in my games and MMO's specifically, I can say, that this build is likely the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

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