Monday, June 24, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Sky Pirates Patch Preview/Guides/Achievements

  • Around 20 achievements, divided into 3 categories 1) Kill x aetherblade pirates in various regions of Tyria, 2) Achievements for getting aetherblade cache in 7 existing jumping puzzles/mini-dungeons 3) Achievements for the new dungeon - some are for completion, others are more skill based
  • Kill based achievements require you to interact with the same hologram projectors you encountered in Dragon Bash. They now have a 50/50 chance to spawn Aetherblade pirates when you walk near them (some of them will still spawn holographic minions). You can also get these achievements by killing the pirates guarding the various caches if you don't feel like running around.
  • Cache based achievements are basically a bunch of existing jumping puzzles/mini dungeons with a new cache (jumping puzzle chest) placed into them. They don't give any special loot but getting them give you an achievement. It is a way to recycle content basically. You will need to do Goemm's Lab, Obsidian Sanctum, Vexa's Lab, Fawcett's Bounty, Hidden Garden etc to name a few. Some caches are located near entrance but others are located at the very end.
  • Dungeon achievements - some are the standard killing bosses achievements while others are more skill based (i.e. avoid a boss mechanic or kill the boss within a time limit).
  • Completing 12 of the achievements will reward you with a mini pet modeled after a boss in the new dungeon:
Dungeon - Aetherblade Retreat
  • Like molten facility, if not harder. Very interesting boss mechanics not unlike raid boss mechanics seen in other MMOs
  • Temporary dungeon, only here for the duration of Sky Pirates but may appear in some form later on
  • You get a guaranteed rare from the boss chest and 1 gold every time you complete it. The dungeon is hard enough that Arenanet feels it is justified to give 1 gold for every completed run.
  • 5 player dungeon, will upscale players to L80 but low level players may have a hard time.
  • Boss chest has a chance to give you an exotic, tradeable monocle headpiece with berserker stats:
  • You may also find the recipe for an infinite tonic that will transform you into one of the bosses - you can jump with it and the tonic is tradeable once crafted:
Aetherblade Armor (gemstore)
  • I think alot of you have already seen this from datamining. You get 3 sets, one set for each armor type (i.e. light, medium heavy). They are suppose to be purchased from the gemstore I was told.
  • Unfortunately both Charr and Asura uses the male model for both sexes.
  • Here is a preview of some of the armors you can expect in case you can't access the link above:
Scavenger Hunt
  • Ingame scavenger hunt to promote the launch of Sea of Sorrows book, not really part of the Sky Pirates theme.
  • Need to find 12 Marriner plaques. You can find all 12 of them using clues given inside the book (or just look for them blindly like I did) . You get an achievement and one time use consumable that give you 5 skill points.
Jumping Puzzle
  • Not released until second week on July 2.

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