Monday, July 1, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Aetherblade jumping puzzle info

Here are some info to help you get started.

Where: Gendarran Fields - just south of Broadhollow Waypoint

Difficulty: It is not as hard as Mad King's Clocktower but it isn't something most people can finish in 5 minutes. While the puzzle is not timed, there are many steam jump pads inside the puzzle that can take a bit of practice to get used to. On some of the jumps, a mistake can be fatal and you will be forced to restart.

Rewards: You will be given an exotic shoulderpad (soulbound on acquire) in the puzzle chest. Unfortunately the skins are not new (for light it is the stately set, for medium it is the prowler set, and for heavy it is the heavy plate set).
Along the way, you will find three Aetherblade caches inside the puzzle. These caches are like normal jumping puzzle chests and generally doesn't give you anything good.

Guide: Here is a video to help guide you through the puzzle (spoiler obviously). Note that the puzzle ends at 5:36 and the rest of the video show you how to get to the optional diving goggles at the very top for your #38th location for the Dive Master achievement (It may take a few tries. Your goal is to reach the water below but if you hit anything along the way you will lose your goggles and have to start over).

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