Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Queen's Jubilee (August 6, 2013)

ArenaNet is seriously intending to keep up with their promise of content every two weeks and their newest living story, Queen's Jubilee, promises even more exciting things for us to enjoy and comes to us on August 6yh. The Jubilee promises new rennovations in Divinty's Reach, an introduction of new technology sweeping Tyria and even some awesome changes to the game itself which includes a new Account Wallet!

To further accent all of this news we will even get an early look at the upcoming update on their Twitch Livestream on August 5yh, before the content releases on the 6yh! Keep a close eye on the livestream at for even more one-on-one time with the developers and creators behind the game. 


Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons will be scattered about Tyria to transport any and all to the celebrations in Divinity's Reach. These balloons will be in the open world and players will be able to up in for a “fun, quick and stylish ride to the party”. I'm going to go out on a limb and state it's probably going to be some sort of free cinematic transportation to Divinity's Reach.
Opening Ceremony
A new gladiatorial arena has been commissioned for the celebrations, come to see the inaugural contest! Maybe we'll get to see Logan Thackeray go toe to toe with Trahearne! At least then one of them will earn some adoration for once! Poseurs. They don't know the crap us adventurers have to deal with like Zommoros mocking us behind his themed fountain!
Enter the Crown Pavilion
In the new Crown Pavilion players will be put up in an arena-like situation of facing against humanity's enemies. Players will be able to represent the various cities of Tyria and possibly even named as Champion of a Nation and gain access to unique reward vendors. I'm going to assume this is going to be somewhat similar to Candidate Trials but with more interaction and reward for players.
Fight in the Queen's Gauntlet
Players will be put in single combat situations against increasingly difficult challenges and bosses. Taking risks with special conditions will earn better rewards. This I like. This sounds like some fun ways to see just how good a player is.
Watchwork Mechanisms: Watchwork Technology
The newest innovation in Tyria! Players can use watchwork parts in crafting recipes, or as currency to buy new rune and sigil recipes or the new Sovereign Weapon Set. This I don't know how I feel about. More crafting stuff to confuse me! I'm already drowning in Candy Corn!
Mini Watchknight
The standarad affair of getting a mini for completing the meta-achievement tied with this Living Story. Looks pretty sweet, though! I'm calling it now, too, that we'll end up fighting these buggers.


Account Wallet
Players can keep all currencies in one wallet across the entire account for all their characters. This wallet includes dungeon tokens, karma, glory, Badges of Honor, Fractal Relics, Guild Commendations, Laurels... pretty much the whole nine yards, folks. Uncertain how they will “stack” or if these things will just be made solely into numbers instead of items.

Bonus Rewards for Dungeons
Dungeons will now have it so that finishing any unique path for any explorable or story dungeon will reward the players with a gold (for explorable paths) or fifty silver (for story paths) as the bonus reward for completon. These rewards will replace the guaranteed coin rewards that previously dropped from bosses in dungeon. All other drops from bosses have not been changed.

Permanent Finishers
Want more finishers? Want them permanently?! FINE! JEEZE! The new Permanent Finisher system makes it easier than ever to acquire Finishers and change which one you use! Pwn your nub problem with awesome flair!

PvP Solo Queue 
Players can now queue up for matches without having to worry about going up against pre-formed teams. This will also have it's own leaderboard, to allow players the pleasure of random chaos and not worry about their pristine team standings!  
Mini-Game Rotation System
The new mini-game rotations will now be on a daily rotation as promised by the Captain's Council Candidates. The initial rotation will be: Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl, 
Southsun Survival and Crab Toss.

New WvW Mastery: Supply Mastery
Just like it states we've been informed of a new Mastery for WvW: Supply Mastery. All we know is that it will “allow players to be more efficent than ever in their use of Supply!”.


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