Saturday, August 3, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Ascalon Kryta Explorer Achievement Guide

Achievement Guide: Finishing up the Ascalon\Kryta\etc. Explorer Achievement
Guide by: Rage321

Commonly Missed Areas on the Map
All info gathered from HERE.

Achievement NameDetails
Ascalon Exlorer176\176
Shiverpeak Explorer175\175
Maguuma Explorer167\167
Orr Explorer60\60
Kryta Explorer175\175

  • Be on your 100% Map Complete character.
  • For each map, click each sub-region to go to that sub-region's wiki page.
  • Compare the sub-region's map to your own main map to see if you have the area listed.
  • If so, move on to the next one. If not, get your robe and wizard hat on and start exploring!
Plains of AshfordDevourer's MouthFacula CastrumAbbey RuinsWindrock MazeLamia Mire
Diessa PlateauHolystone CavesThe Wurm's Gullet
Fields of RuinBelag CrossroadsFlameroot CavernsHighden CavesLast Stand Shelter
Blazeridge SteppesAgrak KraalCrater RimFoulblain ExpanseHazmagic AggregateInGenium Research FacilityShattered PalisadesTongue Rock
Iron Marches
Fireheart RiseSweltering CanyonsCozen DesolationOnager Bivouac
-----Shiverpeak Mountains-----
Wayfarer FoothillsDoldenvan Passage
Snowden DriftsGriffonfallJotun's Vista
Lornar's Pass
Dredgehaunt CliffsBetrayal GroundsDe Molish PostHeimdahl's Last StandRat's RunUlukk's Hunger
Timberline FallsBynebrachenPythian PointTail of the SerpentLair of the Coil
Frostgorge SoundGlacial Collapse
-----Maguuma Jungle-----
Caledon ForestThe Rowanwoods
Metrica ProvinceGolemagical InstituteThe SerpentwindFisher's Beach BendCalx's Hideout
Brisban WildlandsAurora's RemainsProxemics Lab
Sparkfly FenOcean's GulletVerarium DelvesShimmerstone CaveShattercleft Hills
Mount MaelstromMagmatic ConjuryUnguent Den
Labyrinthine Cliffs
Straits of DevastationSea of ElonZho'qafa Catacombs
Malchor's Leap
Cursed ShorePromenade of the Gods
QueensdaleEastern Divinity DamLake DelavanWindloss Delves
Kessex HillsAlakess LedgeDominion Killing Zone
Gendarran FieldsNewbeach BluffsProvernic CryptThe Lawen Ponds
Harathi HinterlandsDiremane WoodsHidden OurobonOurobore Caves
Bloodtide CoastMomoztli GroundsCaptain's CutDredgehat IsleMistarion Beach
Southsun CoveSeashell HillsSouthsun Strait

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