Friday, August 9, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Gilded + Slime Covered Boxes Farming Guide

Quick guide to farming Gilded + Slime-Covered boxes (Cursed Shore) - 8-10g/hour

After running my commander tag and zerging this route for a few hours, I've been netting a good 8-10g every hour (without MF gear, so I might try it with MF to see if it that makes a big difference). This does not include selling ectos from rare salvages (keeping those), and I got no exotics, so no money from those either. It's extremely easy, but only if the map is fairly populated and everyone has an idea of what they're doing. It goes like this:
  • Champion Ooze King (above Meddler's Waypoint, situational - sometimes this won't be up)
  • Champion Risen Giant (above Meddler's Waypoint)
  • Champion Risen Archmage (east of Caer Shadowfain Waypoint)
  • Champion Risen Baron/Baroness (south of Shelter's Gate Waypoint)
  • Champion Risen Megalodon (event all the way at the south of the map)
  • Champion Rotbeard (same area as Megalodon)
When doing these Champions in this order, you will be going through the two camp events (Shelter and Penitent). Bringing the zerg here will result in a bunch of Champions spawning here. Same with the Jofast escort event in Shelter's (this one is GREAT for Champs - successfully defending her will get to the last camp where even more Champs will spawn). The two camp events are done whenever they come up, and the Jofast escort, Megalodon and Rotbeard events are done after the Baron/Baroness is killed.
You don't have to do the optional events, but the important thing is keeping the order of Champion kills consistent across the map (Ooze (when up) -> Giant -> Archmage -> Baron -> repeat). This reduces the risk of running on an area with a Champion already dead, and there is almost always an event available during each cycle of the route.
So, ideally you'd want just one Commander to lead the map around, or just not be stupid and co-operate on map chat to ensure the order is maintained. It's a more co-ordinated effort for profit, but so worth it.
I'll be putting my tag on and doing this on Gandara every so often if there's enough people on the map.
1-4 = Main champion route (ooze depending)
a-e = Break-off events (camps, Jofast, Megalodon and Rotbeard).
A typical order you might find for a route containing them all would be 123ab4cde, then back to 234c. That kind of thing.
I'd really like to promote this route more, since the more people, the more champs at events, the more loot! Also, this means that there's usually a good chance someone with a tag can come along and keep things organised in these cases.

Guide by: Auesis

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