Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Twilight Assault & Extended Free Trial Announced

ArenaNet has announced the next content update for Guild Wars 2. Twilight Assault will hit servers on October 1st and will see players assisting Caithe to stop Scarlet and her minions. The extended free trial will run from September 27-October 3. In addition, the Digital Heroic Edition of GW2 will be on sale during that time period for $39.99.

Twilight Assault also includes several new events and rewards. Players can get an early look at the release by joining a preview livestream with ArenaNet developers on Monday, Sept. 30, at noon (PDT) on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel at

New Events
  • Level 80 Path in Twilight Arbor: Players can work with each other and Caithe to find a way into a secret, hidden facility where they’ll take on guards, navigate traps, and square off against the monster at the heart of the stronghold.
 New Rewards
  • Achievement Rewards: Players completing Twilight Assault can earn the new (glowing) Slickpack back item, or a miniaturized version of one of the most powerful foes that lurk in Twilight Arbor.
  • Exotic Nightmare Weapons: Players can obtain a new version of the Nightmare weapons via rare drops by foes in Twilight Arbor explorable mode.
  • Aether Chests: Players can collect Aether Key Pieces from across Tyria, combining five to form a key that will open Aether Chests in Twilight Arbor.
Find out more about each on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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