Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Twilight Assault Patch Preview

Hey everyone, I am sure alot of you have seen the developer livestream on new level 80 path yesterday and got a taste of what to come. Here are a bit more info on the upcoming patch that was shown. 

Below is a version in points form for easy reading, you can find a paragraph version here as well:

  • Brand new level 80 path replacing the F/U path. It is alot longer than the other explorable paths and will be rewarding 2 gold at the bonus chest in the end.
  • This path houses an Aetherblade base and both Lionguar & Caithe want you to take it out for different reasons.
  • Scarlet says she knows some secrets about Caithe that she is going to reveal to the rest of the world, Caithe wants to know exactly where she has being getting those "secrets".
  • If you have not done the FU path in Twilight Arbor for your dungeon master achievement yet, you will need to the new path for the achievement.
  • Combined effort from the teams that designed Molten Facility and Aetherblade Retreat, expect plenty of traps and bring projectile reflects.
  • Two sets of achievements like with Tequatl Rising. There is the meta achievement under Living World that require you to do dallies or completing achievements inside the new path. Rewards Slickpack backpack skin, a backpack wore by one of the bosses. This achievement will go away after the 2 weeks period.
  • A second set of achievements under dungeons and will remain permanent. Completing the meta for it will reward you with a mini Clockheart, which resembles the last boss of this particular dungeon path.
Beginning bits
  • Dungeon starts off like any other TA path - volatile blossoms, nightmare husks, nightmare vines etc. Luckily they are not as annoying as the other paths and the volatile blossoms are a bit off the side.
Ooze puzzle
  • This puzzle was feature on the dev livestream yesterday but the idea is you need to escort two oozes from one end of the room to the gate on the other end to grease two gears at approximately the same time.
  • Lava fill sections of the room, limiting the path you can take and lava elementals constantly spawn to harass your party and the oozes. Projectile reflects work great against these lava elementals.
  • Oozes are hostile but will follow party members with the ooze pheromone, which can be obtained from plants around the room. Split your party into two halfs, with a member on each half with the pheromone. Whoever has the pheromone will see a blue heart above their head.
Razed Forest
  • Next area after the puzzle, briefly shown in the livestream yesterday.
  • You will meet the Aetherblades here, they are working on chopping down the forest for Scarlet, who appears in a holographic form.
  • Aetherblades have being toned down a bit to be less stun heavy
  • New enemy type - Steam Watcher. If he aggros you, he will sound an alarm that brings all the Aetherblades to the yard. Kill him ASAP and mark your targets so your party members can assist right away.
Spark and Slick
  • First boss encounter in the dungeon, Slick is a norn that loves to spew out black goos while Spark is an asura in a dredge molten firestorm suit that loves to burn stuff.
  • Very similar to the final boss encounter in Molten Facility except if your party wipe after killing one, both will respawn. Also killing one doesn't seem to completely heal the other.
  • Slick constantly spew out black goos on the ground, these need to be cleaned up by using the oozes who will slurp these up. Attract the oozes by using pheromones spew out by Slick or from the plants around the room. Black goos put a constant ticking DoT on your party so if there are too many around they will tick really hard and wipe out your party
  • Spark has a spinning projectile attack (called Fire Lob) similar to Old Tom in uncategorized fractal. Also pulls players in and do a Fiery Oveload attack that you don't want to be anywhere near. She also sets the black goos from Slick on fire so you have less room to move around.
  • If you kill Spark first, Slick will spew out black goos more frequently. If you kill Slick first, Spark will do more frequent Fire Lob and also activate the Hot Feet debuff similar to the last fight of Volcanic fractal where you need to move constantly to avoid damage. Killing Spark first seems like a valid strategy.
Scarlet's Factory
  • Last area shown in the preview, of interest is the holopirate generator which spawns a constant stream of explosive holographic pirates.
  • The generator cannot be damaged via normal means so players must kite these holopirates to the generators and have them explode to kill the generator.
Post dungeon objectives
  • Five optional post dungeon objectives - each one is soloable and rewards achievements. If all party members remain after completing the dungeon and complete all 5 objectives in one run, you get a special achievement.
  • You will get Aetherblade key pieces from the dungeon chests and also as a random drop from the Maguuma Jungle maps. Combining 5 pieces will give you a key. There are 5 Aether chests in one of the post-dungeon objectives and if you open all 5 at same time (i.e. if you have 5 keys or everyone has a key), you get a special achievement.
Weapon skins
  • A blue more glowy version of the Nightmare weapons drops off here. They are actual weapons with rare/exotic stats (sorry no Ascended weapons here). They can be traded and sold on the TP if you are not lucky with the drops.
By: Dulfy

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