Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - Cursed Shore Event Farming Flowchart by mrbubblesort

I too have been farming CS since the beginning, so I decided to put down the path I usually follow into a flowchart:

Now for an explanation of my reasoning:

Minor Events

These are the quick, one time events that pop up at random times on the map. I ordered them based on their restart cycle vs. difficulty vs. rewards.
  1. Champ Giant - It finishes fast and has a very fast restart cycle
  2. Penitent / Shelter Defense - One of these is usually up at any given time. Lots of waves for lost of bags.
  3. Jorfast escort & defend - Takes time & hard difficulty, but if scaled it will usually give 4 - 6 champs (2-3 on escort and 2-3 on def). Start Fiona as well for extra fun.
  4. Rotbeard & Ooze - Easy, but doesn't restart as often
  5. Sharky & Broodmom - Do these if they're up, but take a long time to finish (Sharky would finish in like 2mins if people would just pull him to the beach, but we never do ... -_-)

Major Events

Mel is my #1 go to event chain if it's up. Wave after wave of mobs and a Glorious Chest / Account Bonus Chest at the end. However, if you're in the middle of another event, the march to the first beacon can be safely ignored until you finish up what you're doing.
So on my chart, if you're in an event chain but on the LEFT side of the dotted line when Mel Beacon 2 starts, you should stop what you're doing and go to Mel. If you are on the RIGHT side, it makes more sense for you to finish the chain then go to Mel.
  1. Mel - This is where the loot is, but can only get final chest once per day. Beacon 2 has constant waves of mobs. If you're staff ele, jump on top of the small tree at the North side of the event ring and you can reach them all with Lava Font & Meteor Shower. On the march to priest event, rush to the temple itself and get the mobs right when they spawn.
  2. Arah Offense - Great loot and Glorious Chest, but rarely up since few people let Arah Defense fail anymore.
  3. Grenth - Decent loot and Glorious Chest. Can safely abandon before priest since it'll start again within a few minutes (Jonez likes his naps). Finish up though if at Priest when Mel starts.
  4. PLINXABOMAGE - Decent loot and two champs, Abom & Mage, at the end. Starts about every 30mins, and people often throw down karma / mf banners at the start.
  5. Arah Defense - You should really let this fail, but if you do do it, lots of waves for lots of bags.
  6. Megil - Burn Corpses is the only event worth it here. Lots of maggots for lot of chances at loot. Over quickly though.
  7. Loana - Good chain, but rarely up.

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